Information for parents

1. Welcome to the world of Star Stable!

Here we have gathered all the relevant information regarding our game for you as a parent.

2. This is Star Stable

Star Stable is an online horse game for players all over the world who will experience great adventures together. Every player rides, takes care of their own horse, embarks on quests, participates in competitions and becomes a part in the epic story.

3. Learning and development

The world of Star Stable never stops growing. New adventures along with the horses, friends and citizens of the island are always waiting behind the next corner. Anyone who loves horses and mysteries and would like to meet new friends have found the right place. Within the game there are many fun, educational activities for your kids to enjoy, such as:

  • Learning social skills and building solid relationships by chatting with friends, and taking part in player-created riding clubs.

  • Problem solving by facing challenges in a world that is constantly changing and expanding.

  • Developing a sense of responsibility from the financial management of virtual currency Star Coins to caring for their own horses.

  • Star Stable encourages reading and engagement with fiction and the game fills up with new content every week.

4. How we maintain a pleasant and safe environment

Providing a safe and secure environment that is suitable for all our players is extremely important to us at Star Stable. Here are some examples of how we work with our players' safety.

  • Terms and Conditions: All our players must accept our Terms and Conditions which ensure that all communication between the players takes place in a positive and safe way. Players who violate to these rules are monitored and risk being banned from the game.

  • Kids Privacy Assured by PRIVO: COPPA Safe Harbor Certification & GDPRkids™: Star Stable adheres to the strict requirements set forth by PRIVO, an independent, third-party organization committed to safeguarding children's personal information collected online. The PRIVO certification seal posted on this page indicates that Star Stable has established Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliant privacy practices.

  • Parental engagement: We recommend parents to teach their children about Internet safety, and about the importance of never sharing any personal information with new online friends. We encourage you to engage with your child's activities in Star Stable! If you’d like some tips, have a look at our online safety guide!

  • Security in the chat: We are using an advanced AI service for monitoring and moderating our text only chat to keep our users safe. The security system is intended to prevent users from sharing personal information such as name, address, username on other social platforms, telephone number, e-mail address or using certain words. The system is based on machine learning technology, works in real time and understands the semantic meaning of sentences in any language. Any reported content is checked by human moderators. The service provider keeps the AI based moderation system up-to-date by feeding all human moderation decisions in the AI model regularly. The AI system is KidSafe listed.

  • Account information: Star Stable does not and will never share any information or account details of any kind with third parties, with the exception for criminal investigations where we cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the countries where we operate.

  • Security and peace of mind for our users is paramount and we work hard to maintain a reliable and trustworthy game experience.

5. To try is for free – Star Riders access the full game

It is possible to play Star Stable for free up to level 5. To unlock the full version, players needs to become a Star Rider. Choose between a 1 or 3 months subscription with an auto renewal until the subscription is cancelled. Or become a Star Rider by the Pay Once-option, which means you pay once and your child will be a Star Rider forever. Becoming a Star Rider requires that the player provides some more details about who they are essential to the billing process. Any sensitive payment information is not stored by Star Stable so will never be at risk.

Star Riders can:

  • Unlock the whole magical world & adventures, beyond the free version limitations.

  • Access thousands of member-only quests.

  • Choose from multiple unique breeds.

  • Hang out with old and new friends and join the community.

  • Enjoy all updates in the game. New game features every Wednesday!

6. Contact Us

Thanks for visiting Star Stable! We encourage you to enjoy Star Stable as a family and take part in the adventure together. For additional information, please read our Privacy and Terms and Conditions. For any further questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.