Tennesse Walker


The Tennessee Walking Horse is flashy, smooth, and as Tennessean as a Moon Pie! This breed is famed for its fluid movement and fourth gait—a running walk.

History of the Tennessee Walker

Originally bred in the Southern United States, this breed was meant for driving and farm work, but above all to be a comfortable and sure-footed riding horse. Today’s Tennessee Walkers are excellent pleasure, trail, and endurance horses and can also be found at breed shows. These horses typically have strong backs, long, sloping shoulders and hips, and strong hind legs.

Jorvik fun fact about the Tennessee Walker

The feuding Winterfells and Buttergoods both claim to have first brought the breed to the shores of Jorvik, and have argued about this for many years. One thing the families agree on, however, is that the Tennessee Walkers on Jorvik are never subjected to harmful practices.


Howdy. What a moment to step into the world of Jorvik, in the midst of a snow crisis!


Coat color 1

Available from level 11.

Coat color 2

Available from level 11.

Coat color 3

Available from level 11.

Coat color 4

Available from level 11.

Coat color 5

Available from level 11. During a limited time after release, this variation is available from level 1 in Fort Pinta.

Coat color 6

Available from level 11.

Coat color 7

Available from level 11.