Fawncy Facts

Based on Breed: Andalusian
Price: 950 Starcoins
Level: 1
Location: Winter Village

With its distinctive spotted coat, skittish temperament, and solitary nature, Fawncy is often mistaken for a deer in the wild. But ride into the enchanting wintry woods near Meander Village, and you might just catch a glimpse of one. Though shy and elusive, Fawncy remains one of Jorvik’s most beloved magical horses. And once you’ve gained its trust, you’ll share a bond for life.

About Fawncy

If you’re exploring the wintry woods near Meander Village, keep an eye out for Fawncy - one of Jorvik’s most beloved magical horses. Due to its unique appearance, this spotted wonder is often mistaken for a deer. Fawncy prefers the company of rabbits, skunks, and foxes to other equines, and to better evade forest predators, it has evolved to be almost completely odorless.

Fawncy’s skittish character is amplified by its twice-as-fast heart rate, even when resting. Its diet consists of ferns, clover, shoots, and wild berries, but it adapts readily to hay when kept in a stable. However, Fawncy is solitary by nature and prefers to be in a stall as far from other horses and dogs as possible.

Like other magic horses in Jorvik, Fawncy conceals its appearance in populated areas but shows its true colors in the wild. Whether in its magical “roe buckskin” form or disguised to blend in with other horses, Fawncy rides just like the Andalusians it is descended from.