Calder & Ephyra

Calder & Ephyra

Calder & Ephyra Facts

Based on Breed: Paso Fino
Price: 950 Starcoins
Level: 1
Location: Gary Goldtooth

Calder and Ephyra are known for their unique magic coats, each infused with Jorvegian crystal energy that can amplify magic and aid their riders in discovering the power within themselves. Calder’s majestic coat glitters with purple crystals that increase strength and power, while Ephyra’s stunning coat sparkles with blue crystals that enhance patience, peace, and harmony.



According to legend, long ago two tears fell from Aideen’s eyes and landed in a mountain pool. The tears made their way through the water and over the rocks, leaving crystals in their wake. When the infused water reached Mistfall, it splashed onto two horses beneath a waterfall, imbuing them with the power of Jorvegian crystals. Thus, Calder and Ephyra were born, with their unique and powerful magic coats. It’s said that these crystals can aid their riders in discovering the magic within themselves. Calder’s Jorvegian crystal energy is especially helpful when a rider wants to amplify their own inner strength and power.

When close to nature, Calder’s coat shines an iridescent purple lined with crystals and it sports a glowing ombre mane and tail. When trying to blend in, Calder can also disguise itself as a silver bay Paso Fino.


Like Calder, Ephyra was born from a splash of magical water infused with the tears of Aideen. The enchanted water amplified the unique characteristics of each horse as it reached them, and for Ephyra, the power of the water enhanced its calming energy and ability to spread peace and harmony.

Legend says the magic of the crystals embedded in Ephyra bring a sense of calm to all who are lucky enough to encounter one, while their intuitive and sensitive nature inspires patience and kindness in their riders.

Ephyra’s shining blue coat and blue ombre mane and tail make it a magical addition to any stable. And if you prefer a more subtle appearance, it can also appear as a silvery blue dun Paso Fino.

Calder & Ephyra's pet companions

Loch & Theia

Flickering with jewelfire light, Loch and Theia are not your average cats! These refined and picky beasts care little for hunting things that don’t shine, but have a real knack for finding precious trinkets!