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ноябрь 30, 2023

Next Up in Jorvik!

The snow is on its way, and with it comes the magical spirit of winter. Here are all the fun and exciting things you can expect for our Winter month!

Game Update

ноябрь 29, 2023

Unlock More in Hollow Woods!

Hey, Starfam! Continue your adventures in Hollow Woods and unlock more activities and items!

Game Update

ноябрь 22, 2023

Magic Emerges in Hollow Woods!

Hey, Starfam! Meet Wynna in Hollow Woods to initiate your journey into the realm of druidism, setting you on a magical path.

Game Update

ноябрь 15, 2023

Venture through Hollow Woods!

Hey, Starfam! Enter the mysterious Hollow Woods with a sense of intrigue and wonder, as the tangled undergrowth beckons you to explore its hidden mysteries. The forest is calling! The first release o…

Game Update

ноябрь 08, 2023

The Delightful Dutch Warmblood!

Hey, Starfam! Take the reins and head into the dressage arena with the new stunning Dutch Warmblood! This is an intelligent, curious, and hard-working horse. Perfect for the elite rider! The Dutch Wa…

Game Update

ноябрь 02, 2023

Next up in Jorvik!

The spooky magic has left for this year, but something magical is happening in Hollow Woods. But before then, get ready to show off some epic dressage skills with the new Dutch Warmblood! Dutch Warmb…

Game Update

ноябрь 01, 2023

Spooky Season is Nearing its End!

Booo, Starfam! In the last week of Halloween, Galloper Keep’s glow did gleam. Costumes, candy, and cauldrons will soon be a sweet dream. Ghost Hunting Some restless ghosts have escaped from Galloper’…

Game Update

октябрь 25, 2023

The Witch’s Gambit

Booo, Starfam! In Jorvik’s wild, the Phantom Witch lurks near, to stoke your heart’s darkest fear. Summon the Phantom Witch The Phantom Witch presents a challenge. Provide a sacrifice of three Soul S…

Game Update

октябрь 18, 2023

Bewitching Horses!

Booo, Starfam! The sound of hoofsteps draws nearer as two unfamiliar spirits make their way into Galloper’s Keep. Haunted Horses When darkness falls and Halloween approaches, the veil between worlds …


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