Bug Page

Bug report alert! Here's the list of some of the latest bugs we've slayed and bugs we're aware of.

These bug fixes/patch notes will only be published in English. This page will be updated when we're aware of bigger bugs affecting players and when they've been slayed.

If you don't see your bug here, reach out to support! Make sure to give them as much information as you can. It helps the team a lot when they are investigating the issue.

Last updated April 12th 2024

Known Issues:

  • Items missing in inventory due to being overwritten in the database when moving it from the wardrobe to the backpack, duplicating the item moved from backpack to wardrobe in the same process - affects some players, all platforms

  • Hose missing from homestable - affects all players, all platforms

  • Pintabian unable wear the decorated bridles - affects all players, all platforms

  • The second Star (collection) event at Aideen's Plaza is still active even if the player has already collected it before - affects all players, all platforms

  • Gatherables on minimap not toggleable in map icons - affects all players, all platforms

Fixed issues April 8th-14th

  • Using photomode crashes the game

  • Fixed an issue where players got kicked from championships after completing a lunging activity

  • Fixed an issue where the game resolution was not properly adapting to the screen when the scale was set above 100%

  • The buckle is no longer visible on the Ivory Sun English bridles

  • Fixed an issue where the rose grey Lipizzaner was missing an additional mane style option at the horse stylist

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a few players from logging back into the game after retrieving items from their mailbox

  • Fixed an issue where some iOS players encountered error messages and app crashes when exiting the game

Fixed issues March 25th-31st

  • Survived the 2024 Crabocalypse

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when you opened the chat on Android.

  • Fixed an issue where the championship schedule was missing on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when purchasing a mane style followed by clicking on the empty mane style slot.

  • Fixed an issue with the chat only allowing players to write in English.

  • Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't display the correct XP value, desktop only

  • Fixed an issue where the championship schedule didn't show races between 22:00-00:00

  • Fixed an issue where the old and new model of Justin would sometimes appear at the same time during his quests

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes get stuck during the building of the bridge from Nilmer's Highland to South Harvest Counties

  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes give you a network error when filling your bucket with water from the well

  • Fixed an issue when you sometimes couldn't see other players in the world or their chat messages

  • Fixed an issue where the UI wasn't hidden when taking pictures in photomode on Android

Fixed issues March 18th-24th

  • Fixed an issue where the gen 3 Selle Français was slower than other horses

Fixed issues March 11th-17th

  • Fixed an issue where some Star Rider accounts were being incorrectly detected as Free Player accounts and couldn't access all of the Star Rider content.

  • Fixed an issue where completed quests sometimes reappeared as active in the quest log.

  • Scheduled championships can no longer be restarted after failing the race.

  • Resolved an issue where animals didn't reset if the Valedale championship training was restarted or failed.

Fixed issues March 4-10th

  • Resolved an issue where an invisible collision was present next to the horses for sale at the Hermit's place.

  • Fixed an issue where the Photomode UI didn't disappear when taking photos on iOS devices.

  • Fixed an issue where equipping a saddle bag in the global store while the horse wasn't wearing a saddle resulted in the horse becoming invisible.

  • Resolved an issue where part of the wall was clipping through the stable wall at Steve's Farm.

  • Roadblocker icons on the map are now transparent again.

  • A high score race has now been added to the Pony race.

  • Resolved invisible collisions around the starting area of the Moorland championship.

  • Fixed an issue where a stone fence at Silverglade Acres would pop in and out of view depending on camera angle.

  • Resolved an issue where the horse movement got locked after taking care of your horse in the home stable shower.

  • Resolved an issue where task information overlapped the game UI when using the task board at Southhoof Farm.

  • Resolved an issue where players would sometimes fall through the world when going downstairs in Fort Maria.

  • Resolved an issue where the mysterious dark rider wouldn't fade out correctly during "Stolen documents".

  • Rhiannon is no longer missing in "Back to square one".

  • Fixed an issue where the camera didn't focus on the speaking characters in "Crafting Legends".

  • Added missing text for the "Herds Apart" quest.

  • Fixed an issue causing the horse level up button to disappear from the HUD when the chat button was pressed on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from purchasing make-up for Light on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue where Xin didn't appear in "Too good to be untrue".

  • Resolved an issue where the player would lose ability to control their character when looking for donkeys with Mary.

  • The Dartmoor Pony has now been added to the list of ponies that can participate in the Pony race.

  • Fixed an issue causing a transparent hole to appear in the neck area of the Toasty Bonfire Jacket.

  • Fixed an issue where some breed exclusive gear could be equipped on the starter horse.

  • Adjusted the hoof pick animation on the Arabian Thoroughbred (Gen 3).

  • Fixed an issue where you sometimes weren't able to feed your horses hay.

  • Fixed an issue when gardening plants sometimes got overwritten by other plants.

  • Fixed an issue in "To catch a rabbit" where the counter wasn't transparent and flashed in black when the number got updated.

  • Corrected the bridle clipping into the right side of the Icelandic horse (Gen 3) during fast gallop.

  • Addressed clipping issues with the left shoulder on the Finnhorse (Gen 3) during fast gallop.

  • Resolved an issue where the character would go through the saddle during the fast gallop jump animation on the American Paint horse (Gen 3).

  • Resolved several clipping issues on the Tennessee Walker horse (Gen 3).

  • Adjusted the animation on the Tennessee walker Horse (Gen 3) to ensure the head no longer snaps at the end of the idle animations.

  • Adjusted the saddle girth on the Percheron (Gen 3) to prevent clipping during fast gallop.

  • Adjusted the mane on the Haflinger (Gen 3) to prevent clipping issues during the jump animations.

  • Addressed an issue causing the legs to glitch on the Jorvik Friesian (Gen 3) after the special trick.

  • The player character is no longer showing off the feet when using some sneakers.

  • Welsh Ponies (Gen 2) at Hermit's location are no longer visually equipped with saddles.

  • Adjusted the hind legs when turning right on the Paso Fino (Gen 3).

  • Adjusted the hind legs on the Knabstrupper (Gen 3) during jump animations.

  • Adjusted the color on the Rex Stamper hazelnut royal leg protectors.

Fixed issues February 19-25th

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when players tried to use the horse mood consumable from the radial menu.

  • Fixed an issue where items were being overwritten when swapped with another item in the wardrobe.

  • Fixed an issue where Horse mood treats were only effective for one play session.

  • Resolved an issue where the Dressage test was available for some players at Jorvik Stables, causing the game to crash upon initiating the test.

  • Fixed an issue where static saddle bag pets/items would remain visually equipped.

  • Addressed multiple server crashes.

Fixed issues February 12-18th

  • Terrain and player disappear when entering Wild Woods

  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would snap to the upper left corner when scrolling on Mac.

  • Fixed an issue where completing the quest "A Finished Bridge" resulted in the game disconnecting.

  • Fixed an issue where two quests at the Bobcat Training Area were visible at the same time.

  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to get infinite light.

Fixed issues February 5-11th

  • Fixed an issue where the Global Shop window couldn't be closed if the confirmation window wasn't closed using the X button on mobile.

  • Corrected the placement of the beard accessory on the face.

  • Fixed an issue where opening photo mode would reset Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation settings. Users can now access photo mode without losing their customized visual settings.

  • Resolved an issue with accessing the Pandoric Rift on Sundays due to terrain changes in the new area by Moorland.

  • Fixed an issue where Rhiannon didn't always show up between relogs during some story quests.

  • Addressed an issue when you couldn't filter some of our newest clothes by color in the Global Shop.

  • Fixed an issue where players using certain resolutions or aspect ratios were unable to access level 5 and 6 of Path of Whimsy and Runology on mobile.

  • Addressed some players inability to complete the quest "Reap What You Sowed."

  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to complete the quest "Something Familiar" if a checkpoint was missed.

  • Corrected discrepancies where certain NPC dialogue portraits did not match their corresponding model in Aideen's Plaza.

  • Fixed an issue in the new area by Moorland where players could easily become stuck.

  • Fixed an issue where rune carvings appeared as white when the snow was disabled.

Fixed issues January 8-14th

  • Fixed an issue where the London Fog set was incorrectly locked in the global store.

  • Fixed an issue where the London Fog top was not connected to the player character's neck

  • Fixed an issue where the new bonus shop item wasn't available.

  • Fixed an audio issue with Zony and Vega not playing their zebra sound.

  • Resolved the issue where horse care from the radial menu on Android wasn't working.

  • Resolved the issue where Violet was occasionally placed underground in Dundull.