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Keep your Star Stable account safe!

2017-03-23 08:00:00
Hey StarFam! Today we have some super important information for you all.

When you are playing Star Stable, you are responsible for the account you have created and are using. We know it can sound like a good idea to share your account with a friend, but your password is like your toothbrush - no one else but you should use it. You should never share your password, not even with any of the Game Masters! No one working at Star Stable will ever ask you for your password.

If anyone who is using your account:
Pays using stolen payment information
Reverses payments
Uses foul language or abuses other players
OR breaks ANY of our rules

Your account will be suspended or permanently banned.

Not even your best friends should see your password! Not even your best friends should see your password!

We work very hard to be able to ensure that Star Stable remains a fun and safe game for everyone, but we can not help you if you willingly have shared your password with anyone else. Make sure that your password is really tricky, so it’s difficult to figure out. It’s very handy to use both lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers! Your Star Stable password should never match any other passwords you use, such as your email and Facebook accounts.

Please contact customer support if:
Someone is harassing you for your account details
Someone is offering to buy you Star Coins
Someone is pretending to be a Game Master or work for Star Stable

We want you all to feel safe when playing Star Stable, and knowing how to keep your account safe is a great beginning!

Take care!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

A Fortunate Time for Fashion!

2017-03-22 08:00:00
Hi guys, and welcome to one of the most fashionable events of the year - that’s right, it’s time for the first Jorvik City Fashion Week of the year!

Help out with the Fortuna Festival!
The Bobcat Girlz in Moorland are in charge of the preparations for the yearly Fortuna parade, and they need your help! Make your way to Moorland to help the girls out and to participate in the Fortuna parade!

To be able to play this quest you must have done the quest where Loretta thanks you for helping out with Tan’s surprise party.

Join the Fortuna Parade! Join the Fortuna Parade!

You’ll still be able to help Chaun the Leprechaun to find pieces of gold by the end of the rainbow this week, so make sure to be on the lookout for him if you still have rewards to collect!

The most fashionable week of the year!
That’s right, it’s time for Jorvik City Fashion week! Every hour Raptor will perform on the catwalk and the spring collection has brought tons of new clothes for you! There’s also the mystery of some stolen sketches from designer Franziska Ironsaddle’s latest collection - can you help her figure out what’s going on?

To be able to play the quest with Franziska Ironsaddle’s stolen designs you must have delivered the package from JB to the Janitor. If you already have finished these quests once you will not be able to play them again.

Jorvik City Fashion week - the most fashionable event of the year! Jorvik City Fashion week - the most fashionable event of the year!

A new loading screen!
For more than five years we’ve had the fortune to listen to the stable cat’s advice whenever we’re waiting for the game to load, but this week we’ve let our dear old cat retire and instead we have a new, bright loading screen which will change with the seasons. We really hope you like it!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are open for business by Silverglade Village this week!

Star Stable Game News
Don’t miss out on the latest news with Matilda and Game Master Ylva!

Have an awesome week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

The generous Leprechaun

2017-03-17 10:00:00
Leprechauns tend to keep their gold to themselves, but Chaun just couldn’t stop the feeling when he felt like giving this year. He’s decided to give away enough gold to give you all 100 Star Coins, which you will receive if you use the Redeem Code "CHAUN"! Hurry up though, before Chaun goes all greedy again.

Happy Rainbow Chasing!

Happy Rainbow Chasing!

Rainbows and Leprechauns!

2017-03-15 08:00:00
Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s colorful update - that’s right, it’s time for the Fortuna festival again and with Fortuna comes treasures and rainbows!

Chase the rainbow!
Chaun, the grumpy Leprechaun who rambles and splutters more than he speak, is back! Chaun is always looking for gold, and as we all know there’s loads of gold at the end of a rainbow. (Yes, there is. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) Chaun is always travelling alongside the rainbow for the sake of his gold, but whenever it crashes into a new location Chaun loses a few pieces of his treasure. Bring him pieces of gold found close to the rainbow to get some awesome gifts in return! Or, well, Leprechauns aren’t generally very generous, but Chaun has some really good treats this year!

Bring Chaun some gold and he’ll give you some presents! Bring Chaun some gold and he’ll give you some presents!

The rainbow will pop up every once in awhile in a random location. These locations include Golden Hills Valley, the Dew's Farm in Epona, Forgotten Fields, Valedale Lake, Everwind Fields, Golden Fields and Firgrove.

Find the gold by the end of the rainbow! Find the gold by the end of the rainbow!

Important rainbow info to keep in mind:
You might not see the rainbow right away when you log in, so you'll have to wait until the next time the rainbow pops up!
The rainbow is only active during the day.
In every gold collecting mini game you can collect a maximum of 10 pieces of rainbow gold.
Don't forget to have space in your inventory for the rewards you can get from Chaun!

Chaun and his rainbow will stay on Jorvik for two weeks, so don’t miss out on the rainbow hunting!

Attention all shoppers!
This week the marketing team of Jorvik City Plaza has gone all over the place with their advertising for Jorvik City Fashion Week, which will take place soon. Brace yourself, new fashion is coming!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are trying to accustom their horses to the rainbows crashing down all around them, so the Horse Market is closed and will open in Silverglade next week.

Star Stable Game News
This week Matilda is back and Game Master Ylva is no longer all by herself - check out this week’s episode of Star Stable Game News!

Have a great week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

Woop Woop! Double Star Coins!

2017-03-10 09:00:00

Hey everyone!

We're back at it again with another awesome Double Star Coins weekend! Stack up your Star Coins this weekend with 100% extra FREE on all your purchases!

Don't forget that purchases from the Star Stable Official Shop cannot be combined with this Double Star Coins offer.

This offer ends on Monday, March 13 at 3:00 pm (UTC).


Did You Know...?
If you're a Star Rider, you get 100 FREE Star Coins EVERY week, but if you get a Star Rider membership using our special one-time payment, you get ALL of these epic perks:

★ 100 FREE Star Coins EVERY week!
★ Pay for Star Rider only once and never again!
★ A brand new, exclusive FREE item EVERY month!

Head over to your 'My Account' page to check out all the cool Star Rider deals on offer!

Have a great Double Star Coins weekend!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team x