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The coolest tack shop of all time!

2017-01-18 08:00:00
Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s fashionable update!

The latest fashion for horses!
You haven’t heard of Jaharla? Don’t tell Julie! Julie is a true fashionista and no one is happier than her now when the fancy horse tack shop Jaharla is opening a new store in Jorvik City. Head over to Julie down in Moorland to go with her to Jaharla in Governor’s Fall!

To be able to play this quest you need to have talked with Iris in Aideen’s Plaza about Leonardo’s Ice Cream Bar, and you must have helped Mandy to find her half-sister in Moorland.

Stylish Julie can’t wait to visit Jaharla with you! Stylish Julie can’t wait to visit Jaharla with you!

With new stores comes new styles!
No horse will be as fashionable as yours once you’ve shopped in Jaharla! Make sure you’ll have a look at the new tack before you head back to Fort Pinta again. To be able to visit the shop, you must have gone to Jorvik City along with Julie.

High fashion for your best friend! High fashion for your best friend!

Horse Market
This week Eddie and Ferdinand is setting up their Horse Market in Silverglade, and they’ll be open for business again next week.

Star Stable Game News
They’re finally back! Check out the latest Game News with Matilda and Game Master Ylva!

Have a great week!
Hugs from the SSO Team ♥

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2017-01-16 12:00:00
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The End of the Christmas Season!

2017-01-11 08:00:00
Hi guys, and welcome to the update where we’re finishing off the holiday season with some fun activities!

No more snow!
The winter’s on Jorvik are chilly but short, and the snow has now thawed away again. If you ever miss the snow you can always pay a visit to Dino Valley!

Jorvik's Last Christmas Presents
For as long as anyone can remember, it's been tradition in Jorvik to round off the holiday season by hunting down one very last hidden present. This of course means there are treasure hunters all over the island, each looking for one last chance to capture that magic moment when you tear open the Christmas wrapping to uncover the lovely surprises inside!

Mrs Holdsworth will tell you what to do! Mrs Holdsworth will tell you what to do!

Begin by riding over to Mrs Holdsworth in Moorland and she'll tell you the story of Jorvik's yearly tradition of hunting for the final Christmas present, and get you started on your very own search! Listed below are all the people who have hidden gifts for you, and the quests you'll need to have completed to be able to unlock the present-hunting quest:

Professor Jura in Firgrove: You need to have left a picture of Mr Sandman with Elizabeth
Elsa Einstein in Dino Valley: You need to have checked for mail with Nic Stoneground
Jamie Olivetree in New Hillcrest: You need to have given the gluten-free bread to Ricky
Catherine at Jarlaheim: You need to have brought Ms Drake a coffee from Stablebucks
Pamela Moonriver in Crescent Moon Village: You need to have poured sand into GED's petrol tanks around Old Ridgecaster
Mayor Klaus in Cape West Fishing Village: You need to have told Mayor Klaus how you got the key to the city back
Marley at Marley's Farm: You need to have met Carney at the Vineyard.

These quests will not show up in your quest log, and don’t forget that you have to talk to Mrs Holdsworth in order to begin the present-huntings.

Christmas Wishing Porridge
This is Robert, and Robert happens to like Christmas wishing porridge. What on earth is Christmas wishing porridge? Well, every Christmas in Jorvik, the islanders fill up on delicious sweet porridge that's a lot like rice pudding. Inside the pudding there's always a whole almond, and if you're lucky enough to find it, you get to make a wish!

Robert wants to share the traditional porridge! Robert wants to share the traditional porridge!

You can find Robert and his magical dessert in Crescent Moon Village, New Hillcrest, Jarlaheim, Cape West Fishing Village, Silverglade Village, Fort Pinta and Moorland. Go have a taste of the porridge for a fun surprise!

James' Cleaning 'Race'...
James can't even use the holiday season to give himself a break from being a lazy little conman. The cheap trickster wants you to do all his work, but be sure to get him to pay you a fair price for doing it!

In Fort Pinta, James will have a few ‘races' for you where you have to pick up all the stuff left over from Christmas and make the place look nice and tidy again. Each race is harder than the last one, and if James can let go of his greediness for just a few minutes he might even get you a reward for helping him!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand is open for business in Fort Pinta during this week!

Star Stable Game News
Game Master Ylva and Matilda are still enjoying their winter holiday. Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon!

Have a great week everyone!
Hugs from the SSO Team ♥

New year, new horses!

2017-01-04 08:00:00
Hi StarFam, and welcome to a glorious New Year which we will kick off with some amazing new horses!

New Mustang colors!
Marley sure loves horses well suited for Western riding, and he just can’t stop adding more to his stable! This week he has found three gorgeous Mustangs which you now can buy at his farm. Head over there to have a look at a blue roan horse, a bay roan one and a charming leopard spotted Mustang. Just like the other Mustangs, these three costs 969 Star Coins each.

#MustangMadness goes on and on! #MustangMadness goes on and on!

New clothes and gear!
In Jorvik City Mall you’ll find some new clothes and tack, so you and your horse can match each other! Make sure to head over there to check them out.

All new styles! All new styles!

Last chance for the Holiday Fun!
This is the last week with Christmas and New Year celebrations in Jorvik. If you haven’t exchanged your gifts with Santa, finished your quests with the Council Man in Silverglade or checked out the New Year stores with dresses and fireworks, this is your chance before life goes back to normal - or, well, as normal as it can be on Jorvik!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand have moved to Fort Pinta, where they’re setting up the market so it will be ready to visit next week.

Star Stable Game News
Game Master Ylva and Matilda has been preparing for a new season of Star Stable Game News during the holidays, but we aren’t entirely sure what they’ve been up to… We’re hoping they’ll return soon with new, fun videos for you!

Have a great start of 2017 everyone!
Hugs from the SSO Team ♥

Woop Woop! Double Star Coins!

2016-12-30 09:00:00

Hey everyone!

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