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New Western bridles!

2017-02-22 08:00:00
Hey StarFam! We hope you all have had a great first Valentine’s Week in Jorvik, and now it’s time for even more fun! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to meet up with Lowe at Jorvik Stables to try her fun race before the celebrations come to an end next week.

The Travelling Market is back!
Remember the travelling clothes market from last year? It’s back - and apparently the sellers have heard something about you guys liking western bridles, because they’re bringing TONS of gorgeous western bridles for you all! The market is open right outside of Silverglade Village for this week only.

All new western bridles! All new western bridles!

Delivery of letters!
The Valentine’s celebration from last week continues, and this week Derek the postman in Silverglade Village needs your help to deliver Valentine letters around Jorvik.

After you’ve helped Derek out you will be able to find some missing letters scattered around the island. Get the letters to their recipients to get some cool rewards!
You will be able to find the missing letters around the following areas:
Silverglade Castle
Doyle’s Abbey
Moorland South Beach
Cape West Fishing Village
Goldspur’s Farm
Southsea Acres in Golden Hills Valley
Valedale Village
Fort Pinta
Nilmer’s Highland

These quests will be available until next week’s update and will not show up in your quest log - but whenever you’re close to a letter a message will pop up on your screen!

Help Derek out! Help Derek out!

New item in the Lifetime Star Rider Shop!
There’s an all new item in the Lifetime Star Rider Shop in Moorland, so make sure to head over there to pick up your monthly Lifetime item!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand have some exciting news for you! From this week on they will offer different horses depending where they are on Jorvik! When they are in Silverglade and at Jorvik Stables Arena they will have one set of horses with them, and another one when visiting Fort Pinta and Cape West Fishing Village. This week it’s time to open for business at Jorvik Stables Arena, and a delivery from our old Horse Island has brought us three older Friesian horses for you!

New times at the Horse Market! New times at the Horse Market!

Star Stable Game News
Matilda and Game Master Ylva are of course back with more Game News!

Have a great week everyone!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

New Language!

2017-02-20 08:00:00
Hi StarFam!
We are super thrilled to announce that Star Stable is adding yet another language to the game, bringing the total to thirteen! We are now welcoming Turkish as one of our in-game languages and we’re looking forward to the possibility of adding more new languages in the future!

New language!

Woop Woop! Double Star Coins!

2017-02-17 09:00:00

Hey everyone!

We're back at it again with another awesome Double Star Coins weekend! Stack up your Star Coins this weekend with 100% extra FREE on all your purchases!

Don't forget that purchases from the Star Stable Official Shop cannot be combined with this Double Star Coins offer.

This offer ends on Monday, February 20 at 3:00 pm (UTC).


Did You Know...?
If you're a Star Rider, you get 100 FREE Star Coins EVERY week, but if you get a Star Rider membership using our special one-time payment, you get ALL of these epic perks:

★ 100 FREE Star Coins EVERY week!
★ Pay for Star Rider only once and never again!
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Head over to your 'My Account' page to check out all the cool Star Rider deals on offer!

Have a great Double Star Coins weekend!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team x

A Valentine’s Race!

2017-02-15 08:00:00
Hey guys, and welcome to this week’s very lovely Valentine’s update, where we also have done some smaller changes in the beginning of the game!

A race for friends!
By Jorvik Stables you’ll find Lowe Westberg, who really believes in the power of friendship during Jorvik’s Valentine’s celebration. Lowe has set up a fun race for you - but she will not let you try it out unless you do it with a friend! So tag along with up to four friends in a group, or find yourself a new buddy, and do your best in Lowe’s cool group race!
When you have finished the hearty race you will get a Friendship heart which you can trade for some cool rewards from Lowe’s heart basket. There’s several different rewards you will get at random, so play the race multiple times to try to get them all!

Race together in Lowe’s race! Race together in Lowe’s race!

Catherine needs your support!
Catherine down at Stablebucks outside of Jarlaheim is in charge of the pastries each Valentine’s, but she’s not sure what she should bake, or how it should taste, or what she actually was supposed to be doing at all… You’d better head over and help her so she can get some work done!
To be able to play these quests you must have received the key to the treehouse in Greendale Forest.

Help Catherine to finish her Valentine’s preparations! Help Catherine to finish her Valentine’s preparations!

Will Donald finish his orders?
Nothing pleases Donald the tailor more than predicting everything that possibly could go wrong in one day, but this is a holiday for love and happiness and he needs to cheer up a bit! Help him out in Silverglade Village to finish his orders in time for Valentine’s Day.
To be able to play these quests you must have met Landon the shepherd and brought wool to Donald, and you must have informed the Baroness that GED is polluting her grapevines.

Be a true friend and help Donald out! Be a true friend and help Donald out!

Shop ‘til you drop!
Some Valentine pop-up stores has shown up around the villages in Jorvik, and in Moorland, Fort Pinta and New Hillcrest you’ll also be able to buy teddy bears for your saddle bag, only for as long as Valentine’s is celebrated on Jorvik this year!

Good things are getting better!
We’re always working on improvements and this year we’re taking a closer look at what we can make even better in the beginning of the game to make it easier for new players to find their way on Jorvik. This week we have removed some barrels and obstacles in the paddocks around Moorland, and we also have changed the Wild Bobcat Track so it’s shorter and easier.

More vacant club names!
We know it has been a bit difficult to find vacant club names lately, but now it’s gonna be easier to find vacant names than before! If you wanna create a club, visit the Riding Club Grand Master in Silverglade, Moorland, Jarlaheim or New Hillcrest and see what names she has for you to use!

Horse Market
This week the Horse Market is under construction at the Jorvik Stable Arena.

Star Stable Game News
Don’t forget to check out this week’s news with Matilda and Game Master Ylva!

Have a great week filled with friendship and love!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with new stickers!

2017-02-14 08:00:00
Hello everybody!

Today we’re all feeling a bit extra loving because of Valentine’s Day, and what suits this mood better than some all new Valentine stickers? Download our lovely Valentine edition stickers from iOS AppStore for FREE today!

If you need some extra help to find our stickers you can have a look at our easy tutorial! -> Watch it by clicking here! <-

New Valentine’s stickers!