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A Brand New Shop for Lifetime Star Riders!

2016-09-30 08:00:00

Calling all Lifetime Star Riders! We’ve got special news for you guys, and we think you’re gonna love it!

The All-New Lifetime Shop

One of the most epic perks of being a Lifetime member is that you get the chance to claim awesome free items every single month.

Awesome Lifetime freebies!
Awesome Lifetime freebies!

But guess what? Now that perk is getting even more epic as Star Stable introduces the all-new Lifetime Star Rider Shop! Right there in Moorland in the usual spot, you’ll now find a one-stop superstore packed with all the free items that have ever been given to Lifetime SR members, available for you to pick up completely free of charge!

The store has a sweet new look, making it way easier to shop for fantastic freebies anytime you like! From trousers to tops and from hats to boots, there are over 30 free items to choose from. Even better, there’ll be a new freebie every single month!

Fabulously fresh fashions for Fashion Week!
Special Lifetime Offer

We thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the release of the new Lifetime Star Rider shop with a very special Lifetime offer. If you purchase the Lifetime Star Rider package this weekend you’ll get 5000 Star Coins instead of normal 1200. Visit ‘My Account’ to see the details of this Star Rider offer.

Go to My Account

This offer ends on Monday, October 3 at 2:00pm (UCT).

Hugs from your Star Stable Team x

Guess Who’s Back…?

2016-09-28 08:00:00
Welcome to this week’s update where Raptor’s back back back with a brand new track for Autumn/Winter Fashion Week in Jorvik!

Jorvik Fashion Week
It’s time for the hottest week in the Jorvik fashion calendar: Jorvik Fashion Week is back for the Autumn/Winter season in Star Stable!

Fabulously fresh fashions for Fashion Week!
Fabulously fresh fashions for Fashion Week!

Players who haven’t yet had the chance to complete the super fun fashion week quests can have a go at them now, whilst those of you who are already lucky enough to have completed them get to bask in the super stylish glow of this week’s fashion frenzy.

Fashion Shows & a Raptor Exclusive!
Every hour on the hour in Jorvik City Mall’s epic fashion show arena, you’ll be able to watch a chic and sleek fashion extravaganza as Jorvik Fashion Week kicks off in style!

Raptor performs his new single Jorvik City
Raptor performs his new single 'Jorvik City'!

Most of the new styles you see on the catwalk are available to buy in the clothing store at the Mall!

To make sure everything goes with a bang, Raptor will be performing his brand new single as part of the show, so don’t miss out!

Horse Market
This week, the Horse Market is under construction in Silverglade!

Have a great week everyone!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x

Woop Woop! Double Star Coins!

2016-09-23 08:00:00

Hey everyone!

We're back at it again with another awesome Double Star Coins weekend! Stack up your Star Coins this weekend with 100% extra FREE on all your purchases!

Don't forget that purchases from the Star Stable Official Shop cannot be combined with this Double Star Coins offer.

This offer has to end on Monday, September 26 at 2:00 pm (UCT).


Did You Know...?
If you're a Star Rider, you get 100 FREE Star Coins EVERY week, but if you get a Star Rider membership using our special one-time payment, you get ALL of these epic perks:

★ 100 FREE Star Coins EVERY week!
★ Pay for Star Rider only once and never again!
★ 17 FREE in-game items just for you!
★ A brand new, exclusive FREE item EVERY month!

Head over to your 'My Account' page to check out all the cool Star Rider deals on offer!

Have a great Double Star Coins weekend!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team x

Lipis Have Landed!

2016-09-21 08:00:00
Hey guys, and welcome to this week’s update!

A Beautiful New Breed Released TODAY!
They’re already here! The wait wasn’t long between our cheeky sneaky peeks and the day you can take home our new and flawlessly elegant Lipizzan horses! From today, you can find these famously fabulous horses for sale in Jorvik.

#LipiLife starts now!
#LipiLife starts now!

So, what do you need to know about the lovely Lipizzans? Check out the all-important facts in the new breed fact file:


What's the new breed?
The gorgeous and elegant Lipizzan Horse!!
Where can I get them?
Two are on sale at New Hillcrest, one at Fort Pinta.
How much do they cost?
949 Star Coins.
What level do I have to be?
You can buy these beauties from level 9!
Do I need to crunch reputation?
What colors can I choose from?
Gray, dapple gray and black.

Wanna know something truly awesome?! The Lipizzan comes with its own unique animation where it can perform its famous ‘levade’ movement… Only the best, most well-trained horses can do this, and your new Lipizzan friend can perform this gracious little movement when you stand still and hit the spacebar.

Wingardium Levade-iosa!
Wingardium Levade-iosa!

Why not hit up Instagram with a screenshot of your first levade? Share it using hashtag #LipiLevade! Fancy!

Season 3 of The Star Stable Show IS HERE!
If you missed Sunday’s episode of The Star Stable Show, where were you?! Matilda is back with an all-new season of your favorite bundle of YouTube awesomeness, and now there are two brand new episodes every week! With a Q&A session on Sundays and epic fun Matilda times on Wednesdays, The Star Stable Show is bigger and better than ever.

Check out today’s episode right here, where Matilda meets Therése and her fabulous Lipizzans!

Don’t forget to head over to our official YouTube channel to check out all the episodes of every season of The Star Stable Show!

New Clothes & Gear!
Why not spoil your new Lipi with some great new gear? New clothing and gear items are now available in the Mall, so head over and take a look!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are open for business this week in Fort Pinta, so don’t forget to go show all the other gorgeous breeds some love and attention this week! Don’t wanna see any horses getting jealous of the new Lipizzans!

Have a fantastic week, #StarFam!
Hugs from the SSO team x