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Morgan Reborn!

2015-07-29 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s update where an old friend has a brand new look!

Brand New Morgan Horses
Ah, our beloved Morgan horses: loved all over Jorvik for their beauty, strength and personality, these wonderful creatures have long been a favourite in Star Stable. If you didn’t think there was any way for them to be more adorable than they already are, think again! With a new look and all-new animations, the new Morgans are ready and waiting to find a new home and a new BFF!

Ride out to Firgrove to meet these irresistible new lovelies!

More, More, Morgan!
More, More, Morgan!

Woop Woop! Fort Pinta Beach Party!
Tim is still hanging at Fort PInta ready for you to help him with all his summertime preparations, so head over and give him a hand because we reckon he’s a nice guy even if he is mad as a badger!

Beach Race
Did you check out the Fort Pinta Beach Race yet? If not, now’s the time! Go get your gallop on!

New Clothes & Tack!
Sweet new summery styles are on sale right now at the Fort Pinta Beach Shop, so it kinda makes sense to go check them out! Beach hang with Tim, beach race with your friends, then SHOPPING!

Horse Market
The horse market is now open at the Fishing Village, so why not take a trip out to say hello to your old friends Eddie and Ferdinand? They miss you!

That’s it for this week’s news! Have a fantastic week, and don’t forget to post all your best selfies with the new Morgan horse to our Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #MyMorgan

Hugs from the Star Stable team x

So Shibby! Time to Join the Fort Pinta Beach Party!

2015-07-22 08:00:00
It's rainy in Scandinavia, chilly in Australia, and there's snow in Hawaii but this week, Jorvik is covered in sunshine and Fort PInta is getting ready for this year's beach party fun! Welcome to this week's update!

Fort Pinta Beach Party!
Meet Tim Hooper. Tim's a bit confused, and he's totes not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he seems like a nice guy (even if he does use words like 'shibby' and 'mad as a badger')...

This year's Fort Pinta beach fun is kicking off this week, and you'll get to hang with Tim and his weird phrases while you help him out with all kinds of prep for all the Fort Pinta fun he's got planned!

By the way, Tim asked us to give you all some extra-shibby news: Star Riders and free players get to share the fun together, because this year's Fort Pinta Beach action is available to ALL players!

Let's go to the beach!
Let's go to the beach!

You'll need to have completed the quest where you take pictures for James at Fort Pinta to be able to get started with all the beach shenanigans!

Fort Pinta Summer Shopping!
A summery sunshine shopping experience comes to Fort Pinta this week with a new range of clothes and gear in the Fort Pinta Summer Shop at Fort Pinta Beach. Get yourselves looking beach fabulous!

Elizabeth's Scythe: One More Week
We're giving you another week to help Elizabeth find her scythe! Just in case you missed it, you have until July 29 to play through this fun mini quest. Check last week's news for more info!

Sandy Hooves Ahoy!
Would summer really be summer without the Fort Pinta Beach Race? Help Tim out and he might give you an extra special sneak peek of this year's course, and again: both free players and Star Riders now have the chance to enjoy the thrill of a race along the sand!

Lastly, with the news that Eddie and Ferdinand are busy in Cape West Fishing Village setting up the Horse Market, we can bring this week's update to a close!

Have a great week everyone!
From everyone at Star Stable HQ x

It's Double Star Coins time!

2015-07-17 09:00:00
We are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend – this means 5 days with Double Star Coins!
Please note that any offer purchased from the Gift Shop cannot be combined with Double Star Coins.

Promotion ends Wednesday 22nd July at 11:00 am (GMT). So hurry!


We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 2400 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

Brand New Item Comparison Feature & a Fun Mini-Quest!

2015-07-15 08:00:00
Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s update with a handy new tool for everyone...

Now You Can Compare Clothes and Gear!
Now you have a simple shortcut to comparing items you’re looking to buy with those you already have on! As you already know, lots of the items available to buy around Jorvik have got different values giving a skill bonus to different aspects of your riding. This brand new tool allows you to check out the differences between what you’ve got on and what you want to buy simply by hovering over the item and pressing ‘Shift’ on your keyboard! Handy, right?

New Clothes and Gear to Compare!
Why not try out the new comparison feature on the sweet new selection of clothes and gear available from today at the Mall? Jorvik City Plaza is ready and waiting for you to shop ‘til you drop!

Scythe by Scythe...
Elizabeth is sadly no longer side by side with her much-needed scythe! She’s going to need your help finding it in this week’s mini-quest! Ride over to Valedale and see what you can do to reunite Elizabeth with her beloved gardening equipment!

Elizabeth needs your help!
Elizabeth needs your help!

To get access to this week's mini-quest, you'll need to have completed the quest where you meet Elizabeth for the first time and tell her you're ready to help her solve the mystery of Linda's kidnapping.

Last Chance to Enjoy Midsummer Funtimes!
This week is the last week of the Midsummer celebrations on Jorvik, so why not grab your last chance to complete all those fun treasure hunt dailies and claim a few fun freebies in the process! Thanks to everyone for making this year’s Miudsummer super fun!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are open for business in Silverglade, ready for you to drop by and say hello.

An important message about today's update for players in Europe!
During today's update, our wonderful Swedish tech wizards will be busy in Stockholm working on an extra special behind-the-scenes project to make your Star Stable experience much better!

All over Europe, we've got a bunch of awesome new cloud servers, meaning your access to the game should get lots more stable, and we'll be moving everybody's game data over to the brand new system today.

No need to worry, it’ll be done during the normal update downtime, so you can look forward to our techie legends moving all your horses to their brand new home in the cloud!

Don't forget: this will affect Star Stable players in EUROPE ONLY. Everyone else's servers in North America and Asia/Australia have already been upgraded to the cloud.

Contact our Customer Support team using the form on our website if you’ve got any questions or concerns!

Have a great week, and don’t forget to pop up on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and Snapchat to tell us what you think of the new comparison tool!

Hugs from the Star Stable team x

The Mysterious Case of the Butterfly...

2015-07-08 08:00:00
Hey everyone! Ready for some detective work in this week's update?

The Baroness and the Butterfly
The Baroness has sent one of her finest racehorses to Marley's Farm for a little bit of training, and not everything is quite what it seems in this totally new mystery quest.

Ride out to Marley to find out what's going on, and put your Sherlock skills to the test!

Help Marley work out what's going on with the Baroness' horse...
Help Marley work out what's going on with the Baroness' horse...

To enjoy this all-new quest, you'll need to be a Star Rider and have completed the quests where you free Linda from Silverglade Castle as well as trying out Marley's paddock race and barrel race for the first time.

More Midsummer!
Another week packed with Midsummer madness is all yours! More chances to trek around the treasure hunt and enjoy the celebrations all over Jorvik!

Raptor Disappoints!
So not only did Raptor insist he wouldn't be signing autographs, but we just read in the Jorvik Gazette that he didn't even turn up to the mall! This is the kind of thing we might expect from Kanye, but Raptor?! Please. We're gonna spend all our time trying to reach his people and work out just where this diva has got to...

Woop! New Clothes!
A bunch of new fabulous fashions have landed on the shelves at Jorvik City Plaza, so why not take a leisurely trip on the bus and check them out?

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are setting up the horse market in Silverglade ready to welcome you soon.

Here's hoping you have lots of fun with this week's brand new quest!
Hugs from your Star Stable team x