Star Stable's 1:st Birthday!

October 3, 2012

Hello everyone!
This week is Star Stable's 1:st Birthday! This means that Star Stable has been open for a whole year. We want to celebrate this with a really festive atmosphere all over Jorvik!

Birthday gift:
- Ride to one of the special birthday shops and get the cool Star Stable sweater in the picture below for only 1 Jorvik Shilling!

New exclusive equipment at great prices:
- To celebrate Star Stable's 1:st birthday, there is now an exclusive birthday set for your horse! You can find the unique set in special birthday shops in all villages all over Jorvik. Take the opportunity to buy the set, it will only be available until next Wednesday!

- Celebrate properly by setting off fireworks! It is allowed to use fireworks in designated areas outside of Silverglade Village, Fort Pinta and Moorland Stables. The more people who participate simultaneously and set off fireworks, the better the show!

Thank you for playing, and for making Star Stable to an even more enjoyable game!

Star Stable Team

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