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Welsh Pony




Level 7


Star coin


This Welsh Pony is the riding type, or Section B, and is the lightest of the Welsh Pony types. Though more refined they have not lost their mountain pony heritage and are still as tenacious and ready to gallop over any terrain. All they need is a friend to travel with who can keep up with their stamina!






For thousands of years Wales has been home to the beloved Welsh Pony. The breed was shaped by the land and the people, developing into a hardy and durable pony that thrived in tough conditions. Some have survived as wild herds, dating back countless generations, others worked alongside farmers while others still were pampered by royalty. By the Middle Ages the breed was established as a strong and speedy pony, just as suited for pulling a plow as it was charging into battle, and came in a variety of sizes. It wasn’t until the 1900s that they were formally divided into sections in stud books based on height and build.

Rumor has it the wild Welsh Ponies of South Hoof were originally owned by the Winterwell family, forgotten and left to roam free. This suited them fine, the ponies flourishing on the peninsula. But their adaptability meant many Jorvegians had a Welsh Pony companion, perfectly suited for work, war, and leisure in Jorvik’s climate. They are quick learners, taking to any discipline they are trained in, with the classic friendly pony personality. They are just as varied in their coats, coming in all solid colors.

To get the Welsh Pony you must have reached level 7 and reputation level “Friendly” with the Hermit.