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English Thoroughbred




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From the tradition-steeped island of Great Britain comes a competitive-spirited breed, with all the formality and pride you would expect from a champion. A quick learner with boundless energy, and a sensitive soul under the proud exterior. Meet the English Thoroughbred.






The sight of a Thoroughbred evokes the imagery of the British countryside, rolling hills and winding woodland paths, grand estates, and manor houses. Across the Atlantic Ocean is the English Thoroughbred’s cousin, the American Thoroughbred, found most notably in Kentucky and Tennessee.

The English Thoroughbred owes it’s existence to three exotic sires imported into England between the 17th and 18th centuries. When bred with native mares, they established a gene pool that defined the breed characteristics, giving the swift and elegant Thoroughbred its claim to fame.

Today, Thoroughbreds are cited for being exceptional competition horses, participating in dressage, show jumping, and polo. Whatever the occasion, it’s certain that the English Thoroughbred will put on a show with its head held high.

Thoroughbreds face some challenges, however, as the demanding race industry comprises the horses' safety for higher stakes, leaving them victim to injuries and health problems. Despite this, competitions on Jorvik are held to a higher standard, putting the well-being of the horse first.

With a Cumberbatchian chiseled nose, large lively eyes, and a high-set tail, the English Thoroughbred is a beauty to behold. It’s long legs and muscular shoulders are a telltale sign of the horse’s speed and dexterity with racing.

This hot-blooded horse will always stay calm in the face of adversity, keeping a stiff upper lip in the true British spirit. They are the ideal companion for a no-nonsense rider, looking to bring a sense of tradition to their riding routine.