The Jorvegian Constellations

A rare few constellations can be best seen from Jorvik where the winter air is thin, and when the days are long and dark. On Jorvik, your zodiac is not determined by when you are born, but what you connect to most deeply. Which constellation calls out to you?

The Adventurer

A constellation for who those who long for adventure. No forest is too dense to explore, no mountain too high to traverse. You bravely venture into the unknown, exploring all that Jorvik has to offer. You are an adventurer at heart.

The Harp

A constellation for the creative spirits. Being creative courses through your veins, and on Jorvik you find your creativity running free. Creating things and putting them out into the world is like second nature to you.

The Sisters

A constellation for those who treasure friendship. Hanging out with your BFFs is what matters most to you when you’re on Jorvik. Alone you are strong, but together you’re unstoppable.

The Mare

A constellation for the ones who devote themselves to horses. You care deeply about the horses and nothing matters more than your bond with them. Aideen’s Gift runs strong through your veins.

The Rune

A constellation for the magically inclined. Magic exists on all corners of Jorvik; it can be found in our everyday lives, and sometimes in even greater places. The magic of Jorvik calls to you and you utilize it.

The Life Warden

constellation for those who connect with nature. You are a force of nature, and spending time in it energizes you. You feel a connection to the natural world like no other.