Welcome to Wildwoods

Beyond the settled terrain of Jorvik lies a mysterious and lush forest known as Wildwoods. Once an undiscovered territory, the Jorvik Rangers bravely ventured into the unknown to learn more about its ancient history. Still, Wildwoods remains shrouded in mystery as much of the vast forest is yet to be explored. It is sure to hold adventure and magic for those who are brave enough to enter.

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Which Wildwoods herd do you belong to?

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Herd Clothing and Tack

Now you can align with the herd that calls to you the most, by purchasing clothing and tack inspired by each herd!

A History of Magic on Jorvik

You have likely felt magic at some point on Jorvik. Whether you visited the powerful realm of Pandoria, witnessed the majestic “Life Warden” trees, or felt Aideen’s gift—the power that comes from the bond between rider and horse, you know that magic appears in unlikely corners of the island. This magic is especially strong in Wildwoods, the last untamed forest of Jorvik, where the Sentinel Tree spreads its light and life.

You can read more about a history of magic on Jorvik in our blog post!

Petra and Erinys

Petra and Erinys have their origins from the ancient and mythical runestones, Petra from a runestone that was imbued with life from a master stonecutter, and Erinys from a shattered runestone corrupted by the dark forces. Though Petra and Erinys appear throughout Jorvik, wherever runestones lie, these mythical horses seem to be drawn to Wildwoods, where Jorvik’s primal magical energies are strongest. Not only can Petra and Erinys join your family, but two companions were also born from the runestones!