Magical Runestone Horses and Pets

Petra and Erinys have their origins from the ancient and mythical runestones, Petra from a runestone that was imbued with life from a master stonecutter, and Erinys from a shattered runestone corrupted by the dark forces. Though Petra and Erinys appear throughout Jorvik, wherever runestones lie, these mythical horses seem to be drawn to Wildwoods, where Jorvik’s primal magical energies are strongest.

Like other Magic Horses in Jorvik, Petra and Erinys prefer to show their true colors in wild places and conceal their appearance in populated areas. Whether in magical form or disguised to blend in with other horses, they ride just like the Clydesdales they most resemble.


Across Jorvik stand ancient runestones, the legacy of Druid stonecutters working in Aideen’s name to protect the island. According to legend, a master stonecutter, through the power of the Star Circle, could imbue a runestone with life itself! From such miraculous craftsmanship did Petra gallop forth from the earth.

Petra’s hoofsteps can make the ground tremble. But as Petra is a gentle soul, they don’t want to see the world destroyed by their thundering hooves. That’s why you can often find Petra standing still as a statue among nature, allowing vines and flowers to grow on their back. This relaxed attitude makes Petra an easy-going riding partner, happy to meander trails and stop to munch on moss.

But one must never forget Petra’s true nature, as an ancient force of magic born of the land itself. As long as Aideen’s light shines on Jorvik, Petra will live on for centuries to come. To ride one is a gift. To bond with this horse is to touch the eternal.


Across the island of Jorvik are found ancient runestones, standing tall and proud for centuries, carrying with them the secrets of the Druids and Aideen. Sometimes, dark forces can corrupt the sacred runes, crumbling these monuments. It is from these shattered sigils that Erinys was born.

Jorvegian folklore claims that wherever an Erinys walks, they leave a trail of cracked earth behind them. If left unattended for too long Erinys might gallop off, seeking vengeance on those who destroyed the runestone they came from. Erinys’ fierce and tireless nature makes them a dedicated riding companion, always eager to push their limits and become stronger and faster.

Born in shadow, Erinys hopes one day to be welcomed back into the earth from which it sprung. Perhaps by bonding with this tragic steed, you can help it come a few steps closer to redemption.

Magical Runestone Bunnies

Two jumping friends were born from the runestones with Petra and Erinys — Happy-go-lucky Bunny and Bunny of Darkness! Don’t be fooled, behind their cute exterior lies their own powers. Happy-go-lucky Bunny is the ultimate good luck charm, having saved the world by a whisker on more than one occasion! Bunny of Darkness is on a rampage, longing to see the world go up in flames.