winter 2022 week 5


The Winter Festival 2022 starts December 7 and last until January 11.

Oh how we’ve longed for a polka-dotted sky, the smell of gingerbread, the sound of a fireplace, and the crisp winds to bite our cheeks. Grab your blanket and bundle up, for our Winter Festival is about to begin! Let's glimpse the five coming chapters and weeks of A Snow Saga.

For more information and weather alerts, please stay tuned for our weekly update news posts.

The Snow Crisis

CHAPTER 1 Release date 2022/12/07

"The winter festival had once again arrived — but this year, the festival didn’t come to Jorvik alone: A mad blizzard has taken over the island! Are the islanders prepared for such storm? Seams like they’re not ... Only a hero (you) could help them out!"

❄️ Winter Village is back — more magical than ever!

❄️ Snow Crisis — are you the hero we need?

❄️ New horse breed! Who is this beauty?

❄️ Yule Tree Daily gifts — free rewards every day!

❄️ Warm and retro item sets available

Star Rider exclusive:

⭐ 4 extra locations available to earn more tokens

⭐ Easy Freeze race to earn tokens and Horse XP

The Gnome

CHAPTER 2 Release date 2022/12/14

“The villagers of Jorvik thought the blizzard was the only surprise — until they noticed a thinner trace in the snow next to every footprint. Like there’s a little little fellow with tiny tiny feet following one around. And that mini mini friend is a teeny weeny ..."

New saddle bag buddy: meet the Gnome!
Further opportunities to earn Winter Tokens and Horse XP:

❄️ New daily quest!

❄️ Village Race is back!

❄️ Snow crisis continues to spawn

❄️ Continued Festivities & Yule Tree Daily gifts

Star Rider exclusive:

⭐ More Star Coins items available

The Magical Creatures

CHAPTER 3 Release date 2022/12/21

“They looked out through the window, and could for the first time in weeks SEE what’s outside. But something’s not wrong, but definitely not right: There are animals, creatures, magical and real, all over the place!"

❄️ New winter horses! New pets! New item sets!

❄️ Story quest part 1: There has been a sighting of something ... strange.

❄️ Penguin Race: earn Tokens & Horse XP

❄️ Continued Festivities & Yule Tree Daily gifts: claim your freebies!

Star Rider exclusive:

⭐ New pet!

⭐ New items set

The Fight, The Fox & The Fireworks

CHAPTER 4 Release date 2022/12/28

“The most grand festivity of the year is here, and people have started to walk to the top of the mountain to see the fireworks! But is it safe enough, if the creature isn’t yet found? Before putting your sequins on, find out if the creature is a foe — or a friend.”

❄️ The New Year Area in Winter Village opens up
❄️ New Year’s themed item set
❄️ 3 unique Fireworks

Star Rider exclusive:
🌟 Story quest part 2: Meet the Yeti!
🌟 Very foxy reward when completing the story quest

The Last Snow

CHAPTER 5Release date 2023/01/04

“To a new year and new beginnings — let’s do it all one more time! Make the most of the grand finale of the Winter Festival.”

❄️ Last call to catch up with races and quests!
❄️ Last chance to claim all your Yule tree freebies
❄️ Get the exclusive Winter items before the festival ends!

Star Rider exclusive:
🌟Snow Crisis is back! This time at Star Rider exclusive locations only