Ride with us!


Welcome to a space to feel inspired, accepted, and confident. A place where you can pursue your passions, experiment, and find your tribe. Here, we capture the essence of ride-or-die-spirit. We are people from around the world with one thing in common: horses.

We see the world from the saddle and every day as a new adventure. Kindness is a superpower and our differences our strength. Whether you are a little awkward, shy or loud, the Star Stable community is the place for you.

So whoever you are, however you are — ride with us!



The bond between horses and riders is unique, a type of friendship that can’t be described — only experienced. Therefore, we always strive to create an authentic experience with our horses and want the feeling of horsemanship to feel real. You can always trust that we take horses very seriously. Neigh.


Apart from the fun of it, gaming has more benefits than people believe. Problem solving, decision making, multi-tasking abilities and reading skills are just some of the perks you gain from being a gamer. And, sometimes it just feels good to escape reality for a moment.


Kindness has the potential to make the world a happier place and boosts feelings of confidence, happiness and optimism. If you’re kind to others and yourself, we promise you will feel warm fuzzy feelings inside. Kindness is a superpower!


We are proud to share testimonials of our amazing ambassadors, who are an extension to our Star Stable family. They are a huge support to our players and help us spread our values, good vibes and their passion for horses!

Sophia Ninette Lübbe – Influencer and rider

"My horses gave me a sense of responsibility I never had before — they made me grow from a child into something almost like a mother. They’re company makes me feel less alone but at the same time, free. Horses demand a level of respect that when given, they give back to you. It teaches me to always treat others the same way."

Chiara Moonstone – Ambassador

"Horses have played a huge impact in my life when it comes to being successful. From a young age, I grew up around horses and competed in shows. It taught me responsibility, confidence, and to be brave. The confidence to try something new and to push myself to be the best version of myself I can be. I also had to care for my own horse at a young age, which honestly I think drifted over into my career today of being a NICU nurse."

Anja Federwish – Student and Blogger

"Dealing with horses has taught me to take responsibility and not always put my own needs first. It's not always just up — there are setbacks, illnesses, and problems to overcome. If you manage to do this, you learn a lot for your own life and become stronger."

Ivy Cherrypie – Ambassador

"I feel that I’ve not only grown into a more caring, hardworking and open minded person but I’ve also become more confident to be myself, and learning that who I was, is unique and brave. For years I felt that I didn’t fit in and I just wasn’t like the others, but it wasn’t until I joined the equestrian world, and became a proud horse girl that I noticed that I can use my uniqueness in such an awesome way!"

Julia Steinbrecher – Horse Trainer

"Horse riding has taught me so many things from a young age that I have carried with me to this day. Things such as patience, confidence, trust and most importantly — love. I truly believe that horses are a mirror to the soul of us all."

Evangeline Kingborn – Ambassador

"My love of horses actually brought me my best friends, online and offline, whom I really appreciate and look up to! Real life, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, or Amino — I have always found the most precious people in the horse lover communities."

Alicia Shadowbaker – Ambassador

"I gained courage by being a horse girl, because I can't even remember how many times I have fallen off and then gotten back up on the horse back because I knew that was the right thing to do. Even though I was afraid after some of my falls, I never imagined stopping riding at horse because of that. It's something in you, a spark you can't get rid of."

Jas – Ambassador

"Being around horses has taught me that the only important thing is the present moment. Whenever I go on trail rides, I forget about all things that stressed me during the day — cause in the end, everything that matters is what’s now. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow and what happened yesterday can’t be changed."

About Star Stable

Star Stable is an exciting online game where adventures and mysteries are waiting to be explored from horseback. With over 6000 quests and 300 unique horses, Star Stable gathers a global community of millions of players with one thing in common: horses.