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It's Double Star Coins time!

2015-11-30 08:00:00

Hey everyone!

We've got a special 24-hour Double Star Coins offer for you all day this Cyber Monday!

Please note that any offer purchased from the Gift Shop cannot be combined with Double Star Coins.

This offer ends on Tuesday, December 1st at 08:00 am (GMT).


Hugs from the Star Stable team x

Christmas is Here! More Epona Quests! Yay!

2015-11-25 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to Star Stable's first holiday update of 2015 – it's time for Christmas in Jorvik!

Christmas for the Councilman
Star Stable's Christmas classics are back! The Councilman in Silverglade Village is trying to prepare for the festive season, but it seems like he's taken on a little bit too much – it's easy to get overexcited at this time of year though, right?

This year's Christmas quests all start with Steve, so head to the farm and say hey before riding over to the village to give the Councilman a hand with the first of his holiday tasks!

Some players will remember these holiday quests from previous years, but completing them this year will get you some brand new rewards!

Christmas in Silverglade
Christmas in Silverglade

Meanwhile, in Epona...
Grumpy old Professor Hayden. He's not the biggest fan of humans, but he loves insects! Help him gather samples of water, mud and creepy crawlies for his tests in Mirror Marshes, and maybe help him learn that people aren't so bad after all.

To start helping the Professor, you'll need to have completed last week's quest where you speak to Sunshine Joytree.

 Professor Hayden doesn't really want your help, but he'll soon realise you're pretty useful.
Professor Hayden doesn't really want your help, but he'll soon realise you're pretty useful.

New Clothes & Equipment!
The shops in New Hillcrest have got some exclusive new clothing and equipment on offer this week, and there's something for everyone with brand new clothes at the Mall!

Christmas Shops
A whole bunch of seasonal shops have popped up all over Jorvik, allowing you to get your Christmas shopping done in plenty of time! Go check out all the items on offer!

Horse Market
This week, the market is under construction at Jorvik Stables Arena.

Santa's Sack!
Jarlaheim is once again playing host to Santa Claus this Christmas, and he's ready and waiting for you to drop by and start getting your hands on some early presents!

 Santa Claus is ho-ho-hoping to see you in Jarlaheim!
Santa Claus is ho-ho-hoping to see you in Jarlaheim!

Some of the Christmas tasks and quests around Jorvik will reward you with "Christmas Wishes", which you can take to Santa and exchange for presents. Some rewards will come in the form of "Fragments of Christmas", and you'll need three of these to swap for a Christmas Wish.

The presents given to you by Santa in exchange for wishes are made up of a mixture of brand new gifts and presents from last year. Each gift is chosen totally at random from Santa's sack of goodies, so there's a chance you might get the same present more than once. To access the Christmas quests and goodies, you need to be a Star Rider and have reached level 5.

Here's how it works:

- Three Fragments of Christmas can be swapped for one Christmas Wish
- One Christmas Wish can be swapped with Santa for a random Christmas present
- To swap fragments for wishes, or wishes for presents, you need to have the fragments or the wishes in your rucksack
- You must be a Star Rider and have played through the game enough to be able to get to Jarlaheim

Have a great week!
Hugs from the SSO Team x

The Star Stable Official Shop: now with Merchandise!

2015-11-23 16:00:00
This time last year, we launched our exclusive gift shop which offered great value deals on membership and Star Coins just in time for the holiday season.

This year, we're making it easier than ever for you to add the perfect touch to your Christmas shopping: not only is the Star Stable Official Shop carrying a range of festively fantastic gift packages, but we now have a range of exclusive merchandise superbly suited to Star Stable fans of all ages!

From coins to clothes: something for everyone this Christmas in the Star Stable Official Shop!
From coins to clothes: something for everyone this Christmas in the Star Stable Official Shop!

With our fantastic t-shirts and polos, you can now wear your Star Stable colors with pride! Click here to check out our range!

Don’t forget that Father Christmas knows whether you’re asleep or not on Christmas Eve, so why not make sure he sees you snoozing in style with one of our unique Star Stable pillowcases! Click here to learn more at our all-new official shop!

All of our merchandise stocks are strictly limited, so get in early to avoid disappointment!

Star Coins & Star Rider
Are you a new player looking for a head start? Or perhaps you're a super experienced Lifetime Star Rider craving the ultimate boost to your Star Coins balance? The Star Stable Official Shop has great value Star Coins and Lifetime membership bundles to fit all players and all pockets, right in time for the holidays!

What's more, whilst you receive your gift code instantly via email, this isn't just an invisible digital gift; all our packages come complete with a beautifully printed Christmas card delivered direct to your door, giving players a fantastic physical gift to open up on Christmas morning!

These incredible Christmas deals are available for a limited time only, and here's what you can choose from:

- 2,000 Star Coins
- 5,000 Star Coins
- 10,000 Star Coins Biggest bundle: best value!

- Lifetime Star Rider membership + 3,000 Star Coins
- Lifetime Star Rider membership + 5,000 Star Coins
- Lifetime Star Rider membership + 10,000 Star Coins Biggest bundle: best value!

From coins to clothes: something for everyone this Christmas in the Star Stable Official Shop!
Coming soon: the ULTIMATE Star Stable Gift!
Keep your eyes open right here on our official news page, in the Official Shop and on our social media channels, as in the coming days we're gearing up to present to players and fans everywhere the opportunity to own a truly exclusive Star Stable gift. Every true Star Rider will want to see one of these under the tree!

Don't miss the awesome new merchandise available right now, and don't forget to check back soon for more exclusives at the beginning of December!

Give the gift of adventure, fun and friendship this Christmas!
Click through to the Star Stable Official Shop right now!

Welcome to Epona!

2015-11-18 08:00:00
The time has come! Today's the day we get to explore Epona!

The Road to Epona
Herman has long been a key player in the battle against GED, and now he's got some information that can help him take his fight to the next level. This information will lead him (and you) to a new, mysterious GED resistance fighter in an area called Epona, in the southern part of the Harvest Counties. This is Jorvik, so of course the road to Epona isn't an easy one, and you'll be facing a whole host of tricky challenges along the way!

You'll get a text message from Herman telling you how to start the quest!

To do this quest, you'll need to be a Star Rider and have completed the quests where, 1. You help Helga with her family's summer house, 2. You give Herman the GED reports from Ms Drake, and 3. You help Nic Stoneground explore The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur. You will also need to have 'Friendly' reputation level with the faction GED in Jarlaheim.

Is this the way to Epona?
Is this the way to Epona?

Meet Ricky...
Poor old Ricky. He's sad. Really sad. He was once one of Jorvik's greatest martial artists, but losing the biggest match of his life has left him super depressed. He's given up. Even when the Bulldogz have given him the exciting job of building their new racetrack, he still can't crack a smile.

Worse still, Ricky's girlfriend has got huge money worries, and is about to lose her stables, making all her horses homeless! Ricky knows he could fix everything for her if he could just get his hands on the prize money at the Jorvik Championships in Jor Jitsu...

Help Ricky realise it's never too late to try again!
Help Ricky realise it's never too late to try again!

Once you've helped Ricky get his confidence back, you can help him train for the championships so that at least there's still a tiny bit of hope left for the stables...

The New Hillcrest Cross Country Race
Once Ricky's back on his feet, you can help him build this fantastic new cross-country racetrack at New Hillcrest. There's a new riding club for you to get to know, and they're even friendly enough to let you ride on their track. For now...

The cross-country racetrack at New Hillcrest!
The cross-country racetrack at New Hillcrest!

Horse Gear
If you've got time this week in amongst all the amazing new stuff over in Epona, take yourself on a little shopping trip to the mall where you'll find a bunch of new horse gear and equipment for sale! Hop on the bus!

Unlimited Horse Training!
To celebrate the launch of the new area, we've decided to lift the restrictions on horse training! Now, instead of being limited to just one visit per day to the horse trainer, you can visit as often as you like! The price stays the same, but you can level up forever if you want to!

Also, the horse trainers are now in new locations, and the Tobbe Larsson character is no longer able to train your horse in the game. You'll now find horse trainers at Jorvik Stables, New Hillcrest (in Epona), the Baroness' Winery, and at Marley's Paddock.

Freja and her Kite
Freja could still use your help when it comes to kite-building… Run down to Sunfield Farm to lend a hand if you haven’t already!

Horse Market
The horse market is open this week at the Fishing Village and Eddie and Ferdinand are excited for you to drop by and say hello!

Thanks so much to all our awesome fans and players for your support, you're the absolute greatest, and we hope you have an amazing first week in Epona!

Hugs from the Star Stable Team x

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Perfect Weather for Kites!

2015-11-11 08:00:00
Hey everybody! Welcome to this week's update, where you'll find more info about our brand new packages for Star Coins and Star Rider, this week's update, and why you should be looking forward to the next few weeks in Jorvik!

Building a Kite with Freja
Freja, after her last project went so well (or not), wants you to join in on her latest adventure: building a kite! The windy weather should be just perfect, and she's waiting there at the family farm for you to drop by and help her out.

You'll need to be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you help Freja with her snake 'issues'...

Do you want to build a kite?
Do you want to build a kite?

Cat on the Run!
There's still a chance for you to be a friend to the Councilman in Silverglade and help him find his runaway cat. Ride over and help him out!

Horse Market
The Horse Market is under construction this week at the Fishing Village.

Brand New Clothes!
The clothes store at Jorvik City Plaza has got a stack of new styles for you to check out... Bus passes at the ready!

New Star Coins & Star Rider Packages
We released a new way of buying Star Coins and Star Rider this week; all the info you'll need to know is right here on our News page, so scroll down if you're curious!

Check out our EPIC New YouTube Show!
Head over to our YouTube channel, like, right now! We’ve just launched our awesome new Wednesday video strand called The Star Stable Show! Hosted by the super-cool Matilda, there’s gonna be some seriously amazing surprises in store! Check out the very first all-new episode below:

Sneak Peeks of what's to Come!
You didn't miss the interview from before the weekend with our Lead Game Designer, right? Hannes Kristoferson talked to us all about the brand new area of Epona, and you can find out all the secrets (if you haven't already!), by scrolling down to find his interview right here on the News page!

Have a great week, Star Family!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x