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2015-02-25 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to this week's amazing update! We're super excited to tell you that there's a new place to visit on Jorvik: a brand new shopping mall!

Jorvik City Plaza opens its doors to everyone on Jorvik today! That's right: everyone! Star Riders and non-Star Riders can all have the chance to hang out, have fun and shop, shop, shop at the brand new mall!

Before we tell you more about Jorvik's hottest new retail destination, we've got even more good news...

More Quests and an Extra Level for Free Players!
Non-Star Riders have now got the chance to have even more fun in and around Fort Pinta with the addition of a new bundle of quests that were previously only available to paying Star Rider members! Now free players can take part in extra quests and gain extra XP, meaning they can now get themselves up to level 5! New quests, a new level, plus a whole new shopping mall! Today's a good day for free players!

Fort Pinta quests and level 5 fun for everyone!
Fort Pinta quests and level 5 fun for everyone!

Brand New Mall, Brand New Stores!
Jorvik City Plaza is an awesome new shopping destination for everyone on Jorvik, and a new shopping mall obviously means totally new shops! Here's just a taste of what's already open at your new mall:

  • Megastores selling clothes, gear and accessories
  • a brand new café
  • a 'General Store' stand to cover all the basics
  • a stage, hosting all kinds of awesome events! tons more to come in future updates! Also at the mall are special storage lockers where you can keep all your purchases! This means that when you access the storage locker, you access all the same storage space as you have in your home stable, meaning you'll never need to go all the way home if you run out of shopping space in your rucksack!

This is all just the beginning! We promise more cool stores and more amazing features in the future!

Welcome to Jorvik City Plaza!
Welcome to Jorvik City Plaza!

Brand New Stores, Brand New Items!
So, we've got a new mall which needs new stores, so what do new stores need? New stuff! Of course there's tons and tons of brand new clothes for you, as well as new gear and decorations for your horse, so much so that we don't have space for it all here in the news!

Head over to Jorvik City Plaza right away to check out all the fantastic new items and clothes!

Just one of the awesome new stores at Jorvik City Plaza!
Just one of the awesome new stores at Jorvik City Plaza!

There's even a totally new way to shop, with new improved preview systems with larger pictures of the items, as well as the ability to sort the shop by level, price, or even alphabetically! As if that's not cool enough, now you can also filter all the items from the shop you're in by colour, making it even easier to match up that perfect outfit!

Awesome Opening Week Events!
It's a special occasion, so we need some special events! Jorvik's rap megastar Raptor is going to perform on stage at the mall, and you can even meet him after his performances to grab yourself an autograph.

Look out for Henrietta, who's waiting in the mall to give you a t-shirt to celebrate the grand opening and Raptor's special performance!

Raptor: Jorvik's coolest/lamest rap superstar!
Raptor: Jorvik's coolest/lamest rap superstar!

This all sounds great, but how do I get there?!
Head to Fort Pinta and chat to James, and he'll start the ball rolling by sending you to the Mall on a special errand. To take you straight to the mall, there's a brand new bus service for which you'll need a ticket! More info on all of that in game from James!

To get access to the mall, you need to have completed the quests where you help James take photographs in Fort Pinta. These quests are available to free players and Star Riders alike.

All aboard the direct bus to Jorvik City Plaza!
All aboard the direct bus to Jorvik City Plaza!

When there's a whole load of stuff happening, there's a whole load of news to read! With this week's massive update and exciting new area, next week's update will be a little smaller and mainly focus on even more cool stuff to stock up the new shops with, plus an extra little surprise that will remain shrouded in mystery for now!

Have a great week, and welcome to Jorvik City Plaza!
Love from your Star Stable team x

Extra-long Double Star Coins Weekend!

2015-02-20 11:00:00
We are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend – this means 5 days with Double Star Coins!

Promotion ends Wednesday 25th February at 11:00 am (GMT). So hurry!


We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 2400 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend! See you on the trails!
Star Stable Team

Another Week of Valentine's Fun!

2015-02-18 08:00:00
Hi everyone, and welcome to this week's update!

Valentine's Day Extended!
This week, we can reveal that all the Valentine's fun from last week has been extended for a whole extra week! Donald the Tailor and Catherine at the Café still need your help, and all the fun dailies with the wool, the dye and all the rest are still available. Enjoy!

Extra Valentine's Fun!
Even with all the extra time on the cool tasks from last week, we've now brought back an old favorite from last year, except this time with some brand new rewards! The Valentine's Day mail has disappeared and you need to give Derek all the help you can to be able to get his deliveries back on track.

Derek needs your help!
Derek needs your help!

New Tack & Teddies!
Some great new horse equipment is now on sale in Silverglade Village, so why not stop by and check it out on your way to help Derek? Also, the teddybears from last week's quest with Donald are now on sale in the Valentine's popup shops! Grab yourself a cute little addition to your saddlebag before it's too late!

Don’t forget to add us on Snapchat: StarStableSnap is our username and we're getting ready to reveal an awesome sneak peek later this week!

Have a great week everyone!
From your Star Stable team x

200 FREE Valentine's Day Star Coins!

2015-02-12 15:00:00
Hey everybody!

Happy Valentine's Day from Star Stable!
Happy Valentine's Day from Star Stable!

It's Valentine's Day and we're spreading the love with 200 FREE Star Coins for everyone! Use the special redeem code below to get your free coins, but hurry! This code is only valid during this love-filled Valentine's weekend!

Your Valentine's redeem code:

Happy Valentine's Day from your Star Stable team!

Horses, Tailors and Valentine Bakers!

2015-02-12 08:00:00
Hey everyone!

Ready to feel the Jorvik love in time for Valentine's Day? Then get set for a fun-packed update including three beautiful new horses to fall in love with!

Happy Valentine's Day from Star Stable!
Happy Valentine's Day from Star Stable!

Valentine’s Day Quests: Double the Fun!
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we thought we'd show you that we love you with not one but two sets of super fun quests where two of the islanders need lots of help dealing with the fact they've taken on WAY too much work for themselves in the run-up to Valentine's Day...

Crazy Catherine's Cake Calamity
Café owner Catherine loves Valentine's Day. So much so that she's been a tiny bit too ambitious with her ideas for how to decorate the café… And the menus… And the cakes… It's probably best that you ride over to Jarlaheim to see what you can help her with before she freaks out completely!

Once you've helped Catherine get all her ingredients (and senses) together, you’ll be able to buy the Valentine's cakes and pastries you've helped with in her café for a limited time! Omnomnom!

Donald's Dye-lemma
Catherine isn't alone in having bitten off a little more than she can chew this Valentine's season. Donald the Tailor in Silverglade Village has got too many orders and not enough material to complete them. He needs wool, but where's Landon's favourite sheep gone? He needs to colour the wool with special dye, but who can make that dye, and do they even have the right ingredients?

Donald needs lots of help, but he's got the cutest reward for you in the end! You're gonna get such a nice surprise!

To be able to help Donald, you need to have completed the quest when you help the Baroness work out who’s been trying to destroy her grapes. To get the cool surprise, you need to have completed the daily task with Landon where you get wool for Donald.

Love to Shop!
We all love shopping, and when love is in the air, it's time to hit the cool Valentine's pop-up shops you'll find all over Jorvik! Ride out and check what's on offer...

A handful of brand new General Stores selling hay, clementines, carrots and other necessities are about to open up in a few extra spots around the island! Now you'll have less travel time when you need to buy those basics!

One, Two, Three New Horses!
Head over to the Vineyard to check out the beautiful new colors of Morab and Morgan horses on offer there, and Valedale Stables has a stunning new Selle Francais! Why not trot over and see if you don't fall in love with these beauties!

Fall in love with these beautiful new horses!
Fall in love with these beautiful new horses!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are looking forward to seeing you at their new location in Cape West Fishing Village where they're now open!

Whew! That was a lot of news! Enjoy your action-packed update, and have a great week!

from the Star Stable team x