Time to train with the druids!


Hi there!
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year's Eve!

New Story Quests:

- It's time to practice your skills with the Druids! Ride up to Elizabeth in Valedale and talk to her! To be able to practice you have to have the reputation "liked" with Keepers of Aiden: The Sun Circle.

Druid Instructor!
Your Druid Instructor waiting for you!

New Clothes:
- New clothes has arrived to Moorland! You can find the new clothes in the Star Shop.

New pet:
- There's a new little cat to pet shop Pet Shop Girls in Fort Pinta!

New race:
- Last week's release of a new race up at Firgroves Mountain Passage! The race is called Pole Bending Apocalypse, and you'll find it along the Mountain Pass between Valedale Lake and Firgrove.

Star Stable Team

Happy New Year everyone!


Hello everyone!
It's time for yet another highlight of the year, New Year's Eve!

- We want to celebrate New Year's Eve properly and therefore you will be able to buy fireworks! You can use fireworks in designated areas, just outside of Silverglade Village's eastern entrance. Buy different fireworks and shoot them off together!

The more people that can contribute and shoot off fireworks, the cooler the show!

New feature:
- Barbecue! You can now buy sausages in different shops and have a barbecue with all your friends! The barbecue works just like the picnic. You can find special barbecue areas all over Jorvik!

Christmas at Jorvik!
Christmas at Jorvik!

New deluxe equipment:
- Valedales deluxe equipment has arrived! This equipment is perfect to collect and can be found in Valedale!

Happy New Year!
Star Stable Team

Your very own pet!


Hello everyone!
This is what's new in this week's update!

New quests:
- There's less than a week until Christmas day! How exiting is that?! The Christmas preparations continues this week with more quests. For those of you who have been so kind and helped with all the Christmas preparations can expect great Christmas gifts once you are done with all the quests! Don't worry if you've missed a few days. The Christmas quests will continue for some time after Christmas.

New feature:
- You can now buy your very own pet! To do this you must have access to Fort Pinta (Level 4). Talk to the girl outside the shop called Pet Shop Girls in Fort Pinta she will help you.

Cute puppies!
Cute puppies are one of the pets that you find in the store Pet Shop Girls in Fort Pinta.

New home stable:
- Your home stable has changed. You can now walk into your very own stable! To change from one home stable to another it will now cost 25 Star Coins. The Construction workers at Fort Pinta and at Steve's farm has finished building and they have managed to build two new magnificent stables.

Your new stable!
Your very own stable!

New clothing and equipment in the Christmas shop:
- The green knitted Christmas sweater had gone astray last week but now it has found its way home. You can find it and other new Christmas clothes in the Christmas shop in Moorland.

Star Stable Team

Ps. Don't forget to check out the new paddock below Silverglades Equestrian Center! Ds.

Interview with Graphic Artist Hanna!


Here is the second interview in which Hanna talks more about the pets that are coming tomorrow.

Hello Hanna! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Star Stable.
- I am a Graphic Artist at Star Stable and I know all about the pets!

How do you do to become a pet owner in Star Stable?
- First you will get a quest from the girl who sells saddlebags in Fort Pinta. Only after you have talked to her, you will be able to go into the pet store, Pet Shop Girls, which is located next to her.

Pet Shop Girls!

Fun! Can everyone get a pet?
- Absolutely. Once you have gained access to Fort Pinta (about level 4) you can go into the pet store. There you will find different pets to choose from and all of them long for adventure!

Adventure? How do you mean?
- Well, all the small animals on Jorvik loves to go on rides. For them to be able to do that, you need a saddle bag where your pet is. Do not forget that your horse must also have a saddle in order for your pet to be seen!

Can you remove the saddle bag and your pet from the horse?
- Yes you can. It works just like leg wraps and decorations. You open your character sheet, and from there you can add or remove your pet and your saddle bag.

Character sheet

Can you have more than one pet?
-Yes you can have as many as you like. But you can only have one pet in the saddle bag at a time. The others will have to wait in the tack room in your stable meanwhile!

Thanks Hannah for telling us more about the pets!
Thank you, hope everyone likes the pets as much as we do!

Interview with Game Director Marcus!


Before this week’s update we’d like to start by telling you about some of the new changes that will be coming soon. One of these changes, that we know you have already figured out, is the long awaited arrival of pets! We have also changed the appearance and functionality of your home stable. The new stable is the first step on the way to a stable that will completely belong to you!

Today we have interviews with two of the developers of Star Stable at the Pixel Tales studio to discuss the upcoming changes. First up is Game Director for Star Stable, Marcus Thorell!

Steves Stable

Hello Marcus! Tell us a little about yourself and your job.
I am the Game Director of Star Stable and the one who has the best overview of all the stables on Jorvik. I have worked with the world of Star Stable from the very beginning.

What is happening right now with all the stables on Jorvik?
We are preparing for the time when you will be able to have more than one horse in Star Stable. What will be the most noticeable is that all the stables have been upgraded and the way the home stable works has been changed completely. Steve’s farm and Fort Pinta have completely new stables.

In what way will home stables work differently now?
When you go into your home stable it will now be private. You will now be alone and will not see other players. You will be able to look at your clothes and equipment and later be able to take care of your horse when the functionality is added. To enter your private stable you need to ride to your home stable and simply click on the door. Of course you will be able to switch home stables whenever you like but it will cost 25 Star Coins when you do.

My Stable!

A question we are sure everyone want to know the answer to, when will we be able to have more than one horse and how will it work?
We know everyone really wants to be able to have more than one horse. We all want it too. We don’t have a 100% certain release date for second horses yet but we are sure it will be coming early next year.

Are second horses going to be in shops?
As it is planned for now players will be able to visit a few different horse markets so they can see the horses available as they really are before they choose. When a new horse is chosen it will be delivered by horse transport to their home stable, if they have a free box available.

To switch horses you will need to visit your home stable and get your other horse?
That is right. If you use a pickup call you will be transported immediately to your home stable so you can switch horses quickly and easily.

How will it work with horse equipment, horse XP and taking care of your horse?
Just like in the real world each horse is unique. You will have to take care of each horse individually. The same goes for XP and training your horse to level it up. You will be able to ride the same race with different horses on the same day. It isn’t easy to take care of and train more than one horse, just like in real life!

Exciting! We are looking forward to these new changes. Is there anything else that you can tell us about that is coming to Jorvik soon?
There is a lot going on right now! We are full speed on making new things for Star Stable. Outside of the normal weekly updates that normally contain new clothes, equipment, new races and quests we are also working on adding new features to the game and preparing to open new areas. The areas that are coming next are Jorvik Stables and The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur... We don't know when we will open them yet. We are also preparing new exciting game features that will enhance the gaming experience further for all our great players!

Thanks for the interview Marcus!
Thank you!

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