New exciting race!


Hi there!
This week's update includes an exciting race!

New Race:
- Will at the windmill in Silverglade has restarted the old race around the windmill! Ride there, talk to him, and see if you can beat the old masters of this track! To get the best time, you and your horse might need to take some risks...

Firgrove's collector's equipment!
New collector's equipment!

New collector's equipment for your horse:
- New collectors equipment has arrived to Jorvik! This times it's Firgroves cool equipment and you can find it in the Star Shop in Firgrove. You can also complete the outfit by getting the matching legwraps in the decoration shop in Silverglade Village!

Star Stable Team

Double Star Coins and Lifetime Memberships this Weekend!


Hello everybody!
This is an exciting weekend for Star Stable with two special deals available!

Double Star Coins:
Buy any Star Coins this weekend and get double the normal amount for your money!
YES! This also doubles the amount of bonus Star Coins you receive with membership purchases!

For the normal price of 500 Star Coins this weekend you will receive 1000!
Buy 1 month get 200 bonus Star Coins instead of 100!


Lifetime Membership:

With your Lifetime Star Rider Membership you receive:
  • Lifetime membership...your Star Rider time will never end again!
  • 1200 Star Coins to Start! (2400 if you buy during this weekend!)
  • 100 Star Coins every week!
  • The Full Deluxe Dressage Outfit, only for Lifetime Members
  • More special Lifetime only clothes, right away in your mailbox!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

What happened to the waterfalls?


Hi there!
Here's this week's update with exciting quests!

New quests:
- Something mysterious have happened to the waterfalls in Valedale, they are green?! Something is not right! Ride to Elizabeth in Valedale and talk to her, she usually knows what's going on!

Why is the waterfall green?
Why is the waterfall green?

Moorland Championship:
- The Championship in Moorland is up and running again! Twice a day, in the evening, you will be able to compete against each other.

New pets:
- A new little bunny has arrived to the pet shop, Pet Shop Girls, in Fort Pinta!

New saddlebags:
- New saddlebags has arrived to the shop in Fort Pinta!

Star Stable Team

New clothes and a pet!


Hi there!
Spring is on its way to Jorvik and the snow is gone!

New equipment:
- A batch of new equipment has arrived to the gear shop in Firgrove! Ride there and check it out!

New equipment for your horse!
New equipment for your horse!

New pet:
- A new puppy has arrived to the pet shop Pet Shop Girls in Fort Pinta!

Ps. Don't forget to practice with your druid instructor this week! Ds.

Star Stable Team

Time to train with the druids!


Hi there!
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year's Eve!

New Story Quests:

- It's time to practice your skills with the Druids! Ride up to Elizabeth in Valedale and talk to her! To be able to practice you have to have the reputation "liked" with Keepers of Aiden: The Sun Circle.

Druid Instructor!
Your Druid Instructor waiting for you!

New Clothes:
- New clothes has arrived to Moorland! You can find the new clothes in the Star Shop.

New pet:
- There's a new little cat to pet shop Pet Shop Girls in Fort Pinta!

New race:
- Last week's release of a new race up at Firgroves Mountain Passage! The race is called Pole Bending Apocalypse, and you'll find it along the Mountain Pass between Valedale Lake and Firgrove.

Star Stable Team

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