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Exciting Changes on the Way!

2015-04-23 08:00:00
Hey everyone! Today, we're talking to Star Stable's Graphic Designer Malin to find out about an exciting change that's on the way for how Star Stable looks!

Malin Gustavsson is a Graphic Designer, working with pictures and graphics for Star Stable's website, and lots of the graphics that exist outside the game. Today, she's got something pretty fun and exciting to share with us all!

Hi Malin! You've been sitting at your computer for months working away on a top secret project, and the whole office has been wondering what you're up to! Can you tell the team and all our fans what's been keeping you so busy?

Hi! Of course I can. We've been aware for quite a while that the Star Stable logo is a little bit tricky to work with, so we've decided to change it for something much more modern and easy to use!

Wow, that's super exciting! What's so bad about the old logo, though?

Well, one of the most difficult things was that it was pretty hard to print. The logo's colours were formed from what's called a gradient, where two different colours fade into one another. On our logo, it was where pink fades into white, and that means that in order for it to look really perfect, there'd be thousands of different colours joining together to make the logo have its 'colour fading' gradient effect. The old logo was also really tough to scale down in size, because all of those thousands of different colours have to fade together in a really tiny space.

What kind of thought have you put into the new logo?

We've thought really carefully about how to make it simpler and bolder at the same time as making it warm, fun and exciting. We also tried to make sure we didn't remove any of the exciting gaming feeling from our branding - pretty important for a game!

Now we're really excited! Please please please can you show us how it's going to look?

Hmm, well I can't show you the whole thing right now, because it's still a little bit secret! I'm thinking since you asked so nicely, that I can maybe give you a little bit of a sneak peek though! Here's a little look at how we've developed our new, cute horsey icon that represents our game as part of the logo...

Your first glimpse at the cute new horsey icon: part of Star Stable's brand new logo!
Your first glimpse at the cute new horsey icon: part of Star Stable's brand new logo!

So Malin, is there anything more you'd like to tell us about the new logo?

Sure! We wanted to keep important parts of the old logo but also develop it so that it feels new and modern. That's why we decided to keep the stars; they're a really important part of the history of Jorvik and of course it's a little bit important since we're called Star Stable after all! We also wanted to have an icon in our logo, something that really shows how much we love horses, so we took our original horse - the Jorvik Warmblood - and gave him a gorgeous mane that blows beautifully in the wind!

Malin, thanks so much for sharing all this with us! We can't wait to see the whole finished logo!

Thank you too! You should keep an eye out for next week's news where we'll give you all the big reveal!

All Eyes on Moorland!

2015-04-22 07:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to this week's update, with Moorland in focus!

Moorland Makeover
Remember a few weeks ago, we announced that Moorland would be getting a makeover? Well today's the day of the big reveal! Brand new, refreshed and updated graphics around the buildings at Moorland, including the stables, Mrs Holdsworth's house and Conrad the Blacksmith's place.

We've also given some of the characters a little retouch with an updated look and new portraits! We hope you love riding around and finding all the updates and changes!

Brand new updates from around Moorland!
Brand new updates from around Moorland!

Mrs Holdsworth's cute new house!
Mrs Holdsworth's cute new house!

New Shop, New Stuff!
To celebrate the big Moorland makeover, we've opened up a brand new shop: Moorland Masters! Lots of new items to go and check out, so be sure to take a look!

Quests, Quests, Quests!
As well as still being able to enjoy last week's mini quest with Stein and his lost keys, there are two new quests with lots of chances to get around and explore the new-look Moorland!

Stop! Thief!
Some shady goings-on around Moorland mean you and Jenna need to get on the case and track down a thief! To get in on the crime-fighting action, you'll need to have completed the quest with James where you get started with the Shopping Mall, as well as the quest where you repair the Pony Race track.

You 'May' be Able to Help...
May needs your help! She has a whole lot on her plate, including dealing with injured horses, and looking after Lynx, her cousin's super cheeky horse with a certain urge to escape. Go and see if you can help her out with anything, she'd probably be pretty grateful to share the stress!

You'll need to have completed the same quests as those we mentioned with the thief-hunting quest above.

The 'Moorland Thief' and 'Help May' quests are, whilst based in Moorland, only available to Star Riders.

May's cousin has raised a pretty cheeky handful in the form of Lynx!
May's cousin has raised a pretty cheeky handful in the form of Lynx!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand have opened up the market at Jorvik Stables Arena, so ride out and say hey!

So with some fancy facelifts and brand new quests, there's plenty to explore this week! Have fun!

Hugs from your Star Stable team x

It's Double Star Coins time!

2015-04-17 09:00:00
We are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend – this means 5 days with Double Star Coins!
Please note that any offer purchased from the Gift Shop cannot be combined with Double Star Coins.

Promotion ends Wednesday 22nd April at 11:00 am (GMT). So hurry!


We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 2400 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

Transform Your Look with the All-New Appearance Change Feature!

2015-04-15 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s update!

A Brand New Tool!
This week’s update offers everyone a brand new feature: the ability to reshape your look from scratch! With Appearance Change, you now have more control than ever over being able to customize your look.

With the Appearance Change function, you can, for a fee payable in Star Coins, change your character's appearance exactly as though you were creating your look for the very first time.

You have the same chances to shape your character's appearance as you would if you were creating it from scratch. You'll have access to the basic range of make-up, head shapes, eyes, hairstyles and hair colors. If you just want to change your make-up, hairstyle or hair color, you should go to one of the beauty salons around Jorvik.

None of your items, horses or game progress will be affected at all by your appearance change and you'll get to keep everything else exactly as normal.

Your current make-up, hair color and hairstyle will not be kept during or after your appearance change. If you cancel an appearance change that's in progress, you'll return to the appearance you currently have and it won't cost you anything.

PLEASE NOTE: Your character's name cannot be changed with this service.

Appearance Change is available through your Home Stable.

You can try the appearance change feature for the first time completely free of charge! Don’t forget: your changes are permanent, and you’d need to pay to use the feature again, so please be super certain that you want to keep any changes you make on your free try!

Time for a change?
Time for a change?

New Competitive Clothes!
A whole new range of competition clothing has been released this week that can help you look awesome during competitions and races! Sporty designs and competitor numbers from 1 to 5 will help you stand out from the crowd when the competition gets serious!

Cool competitive clothing!
Cool competitive clothing!

Mini Quest with Stein
Stein has lost his keys, and needs your help to track them down. He’s in his usual spot at Jorvik Stables, so ride out and see if you can help him!

To access this mini-quest, you must’ve completed the task where you help Jack Goldspur hand out voting papers in preparation for the election.

Time to go check out the new appearance features and have a great week!

from the Star Stable team x

Another Week of Easter Fun, Plus a Brand New Horse!

2015-04-08 11:00:00
Hey guys, and welcome to this week's update!

Easter Continues...
Another week of Easter fun begins today, with plenty of extra chances to complete dailies and pick up XP and rewards! Happy hunting!

American Quarter Horse
The wait is over! Three beautiful shades of the all-new American Quarter Horse are now available from stables around Jorvik: one of each brand-new colour can be found at Fort Pinta, Firgrove, and Marley's Farm!

The beautiful American Quarter Horse!
The beautiful American Quarter Horse!

Brand New Gear!
A bunch of new items have landed on the shelves of Jorvik City Plaza – hop on the bus and go check out the brand new range of horse equipment!

Hope you have fun checking out the beautiful new American Quarter Horses, and have a great week!

From the Star Stable team x