Sneak peek!


Sneak peek!
Sneak peek :)

Zed the Rocker needs your help!


In this week's update, Zed needs your help to get everything together for his new shop!

New quests:
- Zed has been dreaming for ages about opening his own shop selling punk-inspired clothes in Jarlaheim, but there's a lot for him to do before his dream can become reality. Ride down and talk to Zed outside the Beauty Salon in Jarlaheim and see if you can help him out!

Zed wants to open a store that really rocks!
Zed wants to open a store that really rocks!

New clothes:
- As soon as you've helped Zed get set up, he can open his store right away. Jarla Crüe is gonna be filled with rock-inspired clothes and tees with sweet prints that Zed's girlfriend Daisy designed herself!

Highscore reset:
- It's time for another reset of all the competition results! From today, everyone's got the chance to get the top result in all of our competitions again. Good luck everyone!

Have a great week,
from the gang at Star Stable

Star Stable is Now Available on Mac


Mac now available For the past few months we've been working hard to upgrade Star Stable so it supports Macs too!

And It's Finally Here!

Meet the new, brighter and crisper graphics of Star Stable on the Mac. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Happy Trailing!
The Star Stable Team

Help Amelia in Jarlaheim!


This week's update: Lots to do in the pet store - Amelia needs help!

New quests:
- Amelia, who works at the Pet Shop Girls pet store in Jarlaheim, needs help taking care of all the cute little animals. She is super-busy trying to take care of the Pet Shop Girl's web site so ride over and see if you can help lighten her load!

Prove you can help Amelia now and you can continue to help out at Pet Shop Girls with daily quests!

Help Amelia take care of all the cute animals!
Help Amelia take care of all the cute animals!

New Pets:
- New super-cute pets have come to the Pet Shop Girls location in Jarlaheim. Which one is your favourite?

New Fashion:
- New cool clothes with animal themes have come to the rock shop in Jarlaheim!

Happy trails!
Star Stable Team

Ferdinand's horse market!


Three new beautiful horses have arrived in the Harvest Counties. You'll find these stately steeds at Ferdinand and Eddie's horse market, a new, traveling fair who just now happens to be at the arena by Jorvik Stables.

New horses:
- Three wonderful horses have arrived the horse market in Jarlaheim. Two stately Friesian sport horses, and one beautiful Andalusian!

Beautiful horses!
Beautiful horses!

Horse market:
- Ferdinand and Eddie runs a horse market with which they travel around Jorvik. Recently they arrived to Jorvik Stables in Jarlaheim, where they've set up the market at the arena. Make sure you ride there and check them out before they pack up and go someplace else!

New quests:
- Running a horse market can be tiring work. Things have a way of breaking apart when you're travelling on the road, and there is much to keep oneself busy. Ride to the horse market and see if you can help Ferdinand and Eddie land in the Harvest Counties.

New store:
- A new store with both gear and clothing has opened at Ferdinand's horse market by Jorvik Stables.

Ferdinand's horse market.
Ferdinand's horse market.

Best regards,
The Star Stable team

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