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Don't Miss ALL NEW Merch in the Star Stable Shop!

2016-12-09 12:00:00
Great news! You can now get your hands on epic new items in our merchandise range at the Star Stable Official Shop.

Head over right now to check out:
The cutest SSO-print beanie hat
Awesome new colors and designs in our range of polo shirts
Plus an all-new Jorvik baseball jacket!

All new merch!

Did you know the cotton in these products is 100% organic? So they do good for the planet at the same time as looking awesome on you!

Whilst Star Stable cannot guarantee international delivery in time for Christmas, we recommend holiday orders are placed before December 13.

Hugs from the Star Stable team! x

Welcome to Jorvik City!

2016-12-07 08:00:00
Hey StarFam! Welcome to this week's update, where it's time to discover a whole new area... Welcome to the capital of Jorvik!

Jorvik City!
Jorvik City is the capital of Jorvik and now's your chance to explore the city outside the walls of Jorvik City Plaza! Today we're releasing three new parts of Jorvik’s biggest city.

Once you have done the quests where you help James get a delivery from Jorvik City Plaza and have reached level 9, you’ll get a new quest from the Janitor in which you’ll get to explore more of this lovely city. To visit Jorvik City you also must be a Star Rider.

Aideen's Plaza
Aideen's Plaza is the oldest district in Jorvik City and legend says that the harp Aideen played when she arrived on Jorvik was found in the middle of the town square. The Plaza is a popular hangout for many citizens in Jorvik City and you might make some new friends while having a look around and checking out some new fashion and an all new fruit stand with some exotic treats for your horse!

In Aideen's Plaza you'll also meet an elderly lady called Yvonne, as well as the young couple Adam and Johanna. They might need your help, so don't forget to pop by and say hello!

Aideen’s Plaza – the heart of the city’s old town district Aideen’s Plaza – the heart of the city’s old town district

Governor's Fall
Governor's Fall is Jorvik City’s high-end fashion district, where you can find the legendary Leonardo's Ice Cream bar as well as some exclusive fashion not found anywhere else on Jorvik.

Outside of Leonardo's you'll find Health Inspector Harry. She really doesn't like germs of any kind, so be a little bit careful when approaching her!

Leonardo’s – Jorvik’s finest ice cream! Leonardo’s – Jorvik’s finest ice cream!

Pier 13
Pier 13 is part of Jorvik City harbor. Some shady types have been seen hanging around the pier, but it's also home to Mr T. Cray who wants your help with some crayfish. Be sure to go help the cray cray fisherman!

He be Cray He be Cray

Public transport in Jorvik City
Since a lot of you will be going to Jorvik City at the same time, Jorvik Local Transport (JLT) have decided to reinforce the public transport in Fort Pinta. For a limited time you'll find three buses in Fort Pinta, all ready to help you on your way to new adventures, and trams will be waiting for you in Jorvik City at all times. Within a few weeks the traffic will return to normal again!

Madison and the missing Welsh Ponies!
Once you’ve met Iris at Aideen's Plaza, Erik needs your help down in South Hoof Peninsula! He's a very busy guy and doesn't really have time to listen to Madison, who keeps trying to tell him about the stolen Welsh Ponies. Madison, thinking she’s getting nowhere with her dad, has come up with her own plan to help the horses and it's up to you and Erik to find her before she gets in trouble!

To be able to play these quests, you must have done the following:

- Talked to Iris in Aideen's Plaza
- Received a reward from the Hermit after saving Madison from Mr Anwir
- Helped Jonas with his oysters

New fashion looks!
You'll find some brand new looks at Aideen's Plaza and in Governor's fall, and don't forget to visit the newly opened beauty parlor Prima Donna in Governor's Fall! There's also a new shop with saddle bags in Aideen's Plaza, so if you’re always bringing your pets along on your adventures you know where to go!

Check out the new shops!
Check out the new shops!
Check out the new shops! Check out the new shops!

The Christmas fun continues!
All the Christmas events from last week are still going, and the Councilman will have a few more quests for you if you finished all his errands last week. Head over to see him in Silverglade Village to continue helping him enforce the Christmas spirit of Jorvik! Santa still needs your help as well, so keep visiting him down in Jarlaheim so you don't miss any of his amazing gifts.

This week you'll also find a new shop in Fort Pinta where you'll find a special surprise you can get for your saddle bag!

Horse Market
Ferdinand and Eddie are setting up the Horse Market in Golden Hills Valley this week.

Star Stable Game News
We're not done yet! Check out this week's episode of Star Stable Game News with Game Master Ylva and Matilda!

We're looking into all your amazing feedback from MyStable to see how you like it and how we can improve going forward. We’re so happy that you liked the stable so much, we truly have the best players in the world!

Hugs from the Star Stable Team x

Almost time for Jorvik City!

2016-12-06 13:00:00
Two weeks, two enormous updates! It's the holiday season, so we're spoiling you guys as much as we can with heaps and heaps of Jorvik treats!

Last week was the MyStable update, and this week we're welcoming you all to the brand new game area of Jorvik City. As you all know, updates this big can sometimes take a little time and even be a bit more complex than we first planned.

We really hope you'll join us all in cheering for our tech team as they rack up another epic update for you guys this week. Did you know they're actually fuelled by good vibes on social media? Most people would think they ate food like normal humans but it's not true: Star Stable’s tech bros won't survive unless you give them heaps of love and support, so all day tomorrow – you know what to do!

Good things come to those who wait! Good things come to those who wait!

You guys are the greatest, and we can't wait for you all to see Jorvik City!
Hugs from your Star Stable team x

Server update

2016-12-02 12:00:00
Hey everyone!

One of the issues that popped up this week was that our servers weren't 100% able to handle everyone who wanted to log in and see the MyStable update. While this means there are obviously loads of you who love your new home stable, we wanted to make sure you know we're working super hard on server capacity. Here's what our tech bros have been up to:

1. We've made sure that new players who register are placed on either a new server or the ones with the least players already on there. This makes sure there's more space for existing players on their favourite servers.

2. We've made sure that now, when a server is full, it's full. You won't be able to 'Move Server' to the very busiest servers, so you won't be able to switch back to some servers if you move away from them. Be very careful about switching servers because right now you might not be allowed to move back. Support won't be able to manually move you either.

3. We reduced server capacity earlier in the week to make sure there were no major crashes, but now we're gradually bringing the number back up so that more of you can get on and play.

New Servers!
So there you have it! All the server info you need as we all head into the weekend.
Hope you have fun in your brand new home stables!

Hugs from your Star Stable team x