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Woop Woop! Welshies!

2016-05-25 08:00:00
Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's cuter than usual Wednesday update!
New Welsh Ponies!
Why is this week's update cuter than usual? Well because there are three crazy adorable new Welsh ponies for you to choose from!

Wonderful Welshies!
Wonderful Welshies!

Just like the other Welsh ponies, you can go see these brand new beauties at the Hermit's place on South Hoof. Hurry down and make a new friend!

New Clothes & Gear
All new items are available in the clothes and gear stores at the mall! Grab your bus ticket and go shop ‘til you drop!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are in Fort Pinta right now, setting up their wonderful travelling market so it's ready to open next week.

The Star Stable Show
Check out this week's epic episode, where Matilda and the team bring you game news and tons more fun!

Have a great week everyone!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x


2016-05-18 08:00:00
Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's spudtastic Wednesday update!

Spring Festival Time!
Every year in Jorvik, there's a big celebration once everyone's totally certain all the frost has gone from the ground. The freeze is always pretty harsh all over the island, and nothing can be planted or grown in the frozen ground, which means that everyone goes planting crazy once the earth isn't frozen solid anymore!

Wanna help everyone celebrate? Of course you do!

Marley's got a passion for potatoes!
Marley's got a passion for potatoes!

Everything about this festival seems to involve potatoes. We know it's a bit weird, don't ask. Marley is going to need your help to collect potatoes, plant potatoes, bake potatoes and eat potatoes! Go see him out in Silverglade to find out how you can help.

New Clothes & Gear
Over at the mall this week, you'll find a new batch of items in the clothing and gear stores. Go check out the new stuff and see if any of it catches your eye!

Horse Market
Jorvik Stables Arena is where you'll find Eddie and Ferdinand this week with their travelling horse market, and guess what? It's open for business!

Have a great week everyone!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x

50% extra FREE Star Coins!

2016-05-16 08:00:00
To celebrate the launch of our new payment system and range of new payment options, we're giving everyone 50% extra FREE Star Coins all this week, all the way through to Sunday, May 22!

When you buy Star Coins or Star Rider packages all this week, we'll give you 50% more Star Coins completely free! To see all the details of this special offer, check the Star Stable website or log into your Star Stable account.

We've also prepared a brand new FAQ regarding the new payment system. There you can find answers to all of your payment related questions. If not, send an email to our customer support using this form and we'll try our best to help you with your enquiry.

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x

Building Bridges!

2016-05-11 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to another fun weekly update from Star Stable! We'll start by mentioning very quickly that Ricky's dyed his hair! No bugs, no weirdness, just a little change of appearance for a guy who really can't seem to make his mind up about very much!

Troubled Bridge Over Water...
Way, way, way back in the day, there was a bridge between New Hillcrest and South Hoof but the rough seas have worn it out over the years. Now it's been allowed to fall into disrepair and there's some fixing up to do as part of Bernardine's visionary plan for the future of New Hillcrest!

But look who Bernardine has employed to fix the bridge…
But look who Bernardine has employed to fix the bridge...

Yeah, Donald. History's least well-motivated builder is back to 'help' get the bridge fixed, but for a high structure over water, two things are stopping him from making progress on the repairs: his fear of heights and his fear of water.

Quite why he said yes to the job is anyone's guess, but head to New Hillcrest and talk to Bernardine so that she can point you in Donald's direction.

New Clothes & Gear!
Check out the new stash of clothes and gear that's just landed at the Mall! Maybe you'll find a great new look for your sunny adventures in Jorvik!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are setting up the market at the Jorvik Stables Arena this week ready to open up next update!

Have a great week, Star Family!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x

Free Star Coins & Star Rider time!

2016-05-06 08:00:00
Just one of the beautiful views on offer at South Hoof
It's time to set sail to South Hoof! Star Stable's brand new area is now open, and we want to help you celebrate with 3 days' FREE Star Rider time as well as 100 FREE Star Coins!

With heaps of new quests, beautiful landscapes to explore, and new characters to meet, we're sure you're going to love visiting the South Hoof Peninsula!

To get this great gift just follow these easy steps:
Log into your Star Stable Account and go to the Redeem code tab
Enter SOUTHHOOF in the Redeem code box and press "Redeem"

This redeem code expires on Monday, May 9!