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Pretty Little Morgans!

2015-08-26 08:00:00
Hey everyone, here comes this week's update!

New Horse Gear
The gear shop at Jorvik City Plaza has got a whole bunch of sweet new tack for your horses! You might wanna go down to the mall and check it out because you might need some new stuff for your...

...Brand New Gorgeous Morgans!
Three beautiful new colours of Morgan horse are available as from today! 790 Star Coins, and you can take home one of these wonderful new friends. Ride out to Firgrove to meet the new members of the Morgan family!

Even more Morgans!
Even more Morgans!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand would love to see you now that they’ve opened up the horse market in Fort Pinta! Drop by and say hello...

August Beach Awesomeness
This is your last chance to soak up the sun at Fort Pinta Beach with Tim and his crazy ways. Help him complete his preparations for the tourists at Fort Pints Beach, and have a go at the epic Fort Pinta Beach Race for the final time this summer!

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x

New Styles, New Seals, New Names, New Graphics!

2015-08-19 11:00:00
Hey guys! Welcome to this week's update.

Brand New Fashions
The clothes store at Jorvik City Plaza has got a bunch of beautiful new clothes in stock. Who'd have thought that looking fabulous for the summer was just a bus ride away? Time to hit the shops!

Wait... Is that an Iceberg I see?
Out at sea around Jorvik, the freezing waters are home to some seriously big ice cubes. We've seen icebergs heading towards the coastline a couple of times before, and on them were some beautiful new seal friends for you to take home. Is that same iceberg heading back to the shoreline this week? Log in to the game after today’s update and head to Cape West Fishing Village to find out!

Seals of approval!
Seals of approval!

Speaking of Cute Little Animals...
...there's another chance this week to help a traumatised Jorvik resident find their lost pet! Head to Jenna in Moorland to get started.

Even More Beach Fun!
Don't forget that all the way through August, you can hang with Tim at Fort Pinta Beach and help him with all his tricky tourist tasks! The Fort Pinta Beach Race is also available all this month.

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are busy, busy, busy constructing the horse market in Fort Pinta.

Brand New Club Name Options!
We're delighted to reveal a brand new range of club names for all your awesome riding clubs! Furious Manatees, anyone? Or how about the Atomic Farmers Corporation? More choices means more fun! Enjoy choosing from tons more new options!

Improved Graphics
Horses and their equipment have been in the process of getting some beautiful new crystal-clear graphic facelifts... This means you can now add an extra layer of awesome to your already beautiful horses just by following these simple steps:

- Check out the settings menu, then click into Graphic Quality
- Change the settings to 'Highest Quality'
- Log out, then log back in again
- Enjoy your gorgeous horses in all their sparkly new graphic glory!

If you're struggling to experience the new-look settings, just head to Star Stable's website and get in touch with Customer Support by using our contact form. They'll do all they can to advise you!

Have a great week!
Onk! Onk! From your Star Stable Seals x

It's Double Star Coins time!

2015-08-14 09:30:00

Hey everyone!

We are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend again – this means amazing 5 days with Double Star Coins!

Please note that any offer purchased from the Gift Shop cannot be combined with Double Star Coins.

Promotion ends on Wednesday, August 19th at 11:00 am (GMT). So hurry!


Best deal:
    Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 2400 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you on the trails!
Star Stable Team

Oh No! Lost Kitties!

2015-08-12 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to this week's update!

Help Find the Lost Pets of Jorvik!
All over Jorvik, something seems to have had a strange effect on people's pets... They’ve all run away from home! Naturally, their owners are worried sick so they need your help to reunite them with their lost lovelies.

In the coming weeks, you'll play pet detective for different people all over Jorvik, all of whom need your help to find their fluffy runaways!

This week’s fun mini-quest all begins with Jenna in Moorland who doesn’t know where little Kiwi could have got to! Ride over and ask her what you can do to help.

Little paws on the run!
Little paws on the run!

Jorvik Stables Open House
Johanna is still stressing out about all the preparations she needs to get done for the awesome Open House event at Jorvik Stables. She'll need your help this week as well!

Brand New Equipment
The horse store at Jorvik City Plaza has stocked up with some brand new horse equipment for you to check out. Make sure you're up to date with the latest gear trends!

Fort Pinta Beach
All the beach fun with Tim as well as the Fort Pinta Beach Race is still available all the way through August. Why not spend some time in the Fort Pinta sunshine!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand have opened up the horse market for business at the Jorvik Stables Arena. Drop by and say hi!

Have a great week, pet detectives!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x

Open House at Jorvik Stables!

2015-08-05 08:00:00
Hey everyone! Time for Star Stable's weekly update!

Open House!
Johanna at Jorvik Stables has had a great idea – now that it's summertime and Jorvik is at its most beautiful, she wants to make sure all the tourists know about Jorvik Stables! How? By having an awesome Open House event, of course! She plans to throw open the stable doors to one and all with a series of fun events for all her visitors!

This series of fun events is where you come in! Ride out to Jorvik Stables and help Johanna prepare to show everyone around! By the way, have you ever thought about becoming a riding instructor...? Then this quest is for you!

Johanna's throwing open the doors at Jorvik Stables!
Johanna's throwing open the doors at Jorvik Stables!

To take part in the Open House fun, you need to be a Star Rider and have completed the quests where you milk the cows and feed the horses and pigs at Jorvik Stables.

All-New Open House Goodies!
Brand new exclusive clothes and gear are in stock at the special Open House shop at Jorvik Stables, so why not check them all out while you're helping Johanna?

Horse Market
This week the Horse Market is under construction at the Jorvik Stables Arena.

Fort Pinta Beach Fun
The beach funtimes are continuing all through the month of August, so unless you’ve grown tired of Tim and his totally weird way of talking, you can hang with him and help him out some more! Same thing goes for the Fort Pinta Beach race – available for ALL of August! Yay!

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Hugs from the Star Stable team x