Horses of Jorvik

Jorvik is home to all manner of horse breeds, both domesticated and wild. The Island of Jorvik is known for its natural wonders, and as a haven for horses and equestrianism. Horses are your constant companion as you explore, solve problems, make friends, and unravel the mysteries of Jorvik. We have started to list a few of our many horse breeds here, stay tuned for more!


These breeds got what it takes to go the distance. Akhal-Teke, Arabian and Marwari were all bred for endurance and were key companions in ancient battles.

AKHAL-TEKE – A hot-blooded and athletic horse famous for its shimmery coat. Require level 13 and can be found at the Vineyard.

ARABIAN – An ancient and exotic breed who excels in a variety of disciplines. Require level 7 and can be found by the Goldspurs Farm.

MARWARI – Mysterious and rare, Marwari is an elegant warrior. Require level 12 and can be found by the Goldenleaf Stables.

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Gotland Pony

Tennessee Walker


Belgian Warmblood