Halloween festival

A time-limited festival from October 12 to November 9!

New spooky season! Portals have suddently popped up around Jorvik to take us back to what may very well be the creepiest place on the island. For 4 weeks we invite you to explore haunting quests, spooky races & meet the new Halloween horses.

Halloween lovers, ride with us!

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Galloper's Keep

Return to Galloper’s Keep! Oh my, this is not how we remember the keep? All the portals have shut down and the place is a mess. Collect soul shards all over Jorvik to open the portals and unlock fun Halloween activities!

For more information, please stay tuned for our weekly update news posts…

Week 1 highlights

  • Daily quests!

  • Special reward for the dedicated!

  • Spooky races!

  • New Halloween sets!

  • Vintage shop for returning Halloween items & clothing!

  • Your first Halloween in Jorvik? Then a story quest to meet Galloper Thompson awaits!

Week 2 highlights:

  • New magical horses!

  • New magical companion pets! 

  • Galloper's Gambit!

Week 3 highlights

  • Chapter two of the Galloper Thompson storyline, part 1!

  • Trick or Treat!

Week 4 highlights

  • Chapter two of the Galloper Thompson storyline, part 2!

  • Ghost Hunt is back! With a twist...


Ride ready for whatever slithers, scurries, and oozes out this year with these Halloween Bundles.