H&M We Love Horses & Star Stable


Our second collaboration with H&M We Love Horses is finally back! This time, we got one REALly special guest for the event: Team H&M’s rider Peder Fredricson’s legendary horse H&M All In! Not only do you have the chance to meet H&M All In — you can also ride him.
A unique opportunity to own an Olympic standard horse!

Take part in the Grand Prix championship, try out the two show jumping courses, and don't miss the release of the new powerful Belgian Warmblood.

Play from November 16th to December 7th!


Can you notice the remarkable details on H&M All In inside the game? That’s because he’s modeled after the real horse H&M All In! Born in 2006, H&M All In is named to be one of the world’s fastest horses! He’s a brown Belgian Warmblood who has repeatedly made flawless performances in multiple championships. Oh, and his nickname is Allan!


Ride Peder Fredricson's own horse H&M All In

For the first time ever, we’re bringing a four-hoofed equestrian champion into the game: Belgian Warmblood H&M All In. Will you be able to ride H&M All In as well as Olympic & World Championship Gold medalist Peder?

Race The Grand Prix Show Jumping courses

By Jorvik Stables Arena, you'll find Peder and the H&M Grand Prix show jumping courses of 2022 & 2020! Train everyday and gain extra horse XP.

Giveaway: Use the code ALLIN2022

The new H&M We Love Horses's racing jacket is just stunning! This year's design comes in luxurious burgundy with tied details and logo in the back. Use the code ALLIN2022 to redeem your own!

Limited Edition Bundles: Autumn Academia

Layer up! Our 3D-artists have captured the essence of fall fashion in the first Academia drop. Dress in cosy knits, skirts and pants in copper, cream and warm brown.

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