Meet the Soul Riders

Friendship, magic, adventure, and horses.

The Soul Riders love their horses and would do anything to protect them. They learn to rely on each other and the strength of their friendship in order to overcome the dark forces threatening Jorvik.

Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson is the Soul Rider of the Star Circle, giving her the ability to heal. She is creative and compassionate, and is also a talented musical artist. Lisa grew up in Texas and is a skilled Western rider. As a Soul Rider she is bonded to the horse Starshine.

Alex Cloudmill

Alex Cloudmill is the Soul Rider of the Lightning Circle, with the ability to shoot lightning bolts. She is bold, fearless, and tough. Alex loves to go trail riding with her horse Tin-Can, who has a big personality – and an even bigger appetite.

Linda Chanda

Linda Chanda is the Soul Rider of the Moon Circle and wields magic that gives her visions of the future. She is smart, knowledgeable, and brave. Linda is a proficient showjumper and never ceases to impress together with her horse Meteor

Anne Von Blyssen

Anne Von Blyssen is the Soul Rider of the Sun Circle, which gives her the ability to create magical portals and teleport. Anne is calm, humble, and a strong leader. She is a champion dressage rider together with her magnificent horse Concorde.