5th July – 2nd August

Camp Western is a brand new summer event that takes place by Starshine Ranch outside Firgrove, an area that can only be reached by Star Riders.

Not a Star Rider? Then it's time to become one, cowgirl!



Leave your sneakers and slip into yo' yeehaw boots: This summer, Lisa Peterson, Josh, and Carl are inviting you to make thew most of your summer at the brand new event, Camp Western!

Here, you will become a skilled horse trainer, take care of the ranch and its animals, and discover how no day is the same when sharp-toothed wildlife is around.

Let's create some summer memories that'll last for a lifetime, partner!


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  • WEEK 4

Welcome To the West

Welcome to the premier week of Camp Western! Lisa, Josh, and Carl will show you around the ranch and teach you the ropes when it comes to daily chores and all the wonders and dangers of Firgrove. Whether you’re wandering the wilds or working on the ranch, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll stumble across trouble!

Plus, get your hands on the new western sets to make sure your uniform matches the ranch!

New activity: Lunging!

Life at the ranch isn't all about completing chores and exploring the wilderness, it’s also closely connected to the bond between you and your horse.

To develop that bond, we're introducing a new training activity: Lunging!

In this form of training, the horse is tasked with performing certain gaits in circles around your character. You'll be able to train both your own horses and horses of the ranch (who just might be a bit unruly and not so willing to listen to cues).

Wary visits around Firgrove

Cowboy hats are disappearing, farm animals are lost, hikers are joining the campfire… At Camp Western, you must be prepared for the unexpected! Every day there are multiple things happening and people will need your hand in solving them— you may even get some rewards that will help you better survive the western wilds!

Sometimes, you might need support from other players to find things hidden in the woods. Therefore, we’ve expanded the global chat to cover all of Firgrove and the surrounding wilderness so you can call for help or ask other players outside of the area you’re in!

Summer Coat Variations

We're sprinkling a few of our favorite horses with new coat variations! Have a look at the new spotted Appaloosas at Starshine Ranch, the brownish Welsh Ponies at Hermit's Cottage on South Hoof Peninsula, and two out of three new coatings for the Belgian Warmbloods in Silverglade Manor.

You find the third new unique coating of the Belgian Warmblood in the Star Stable Horses app — happy trails!

Western clothing is like a summer romance...

Token and gold nuggets

Summer Tokens
Finite and trades for outfits, pets, and high value items

Gold Nuggets
Infinite and trades for Consumables and Summer Tokens (10x Daily)

Western Offers