Happy birthday, Star Stable!

12 years of Star Stable!

The party’s on and you’re invited! Celebrate 12 years of Star Stable with us.
Meet Liv the Birthday Leader at your home stable to learn more about the birthday celebrations. The festivities will start on September 6th and run through October 4th, 2023. 

Never miss a thing as a Star Rider 
Free players have access to some, but not all of the birthday content. If you’re not yet a Star Rider, now is the perfect time to level up your adventures in Jorvik and get access to all of the content available during this event and any fun events we have planned in the future!  

Did someone say cake?

Mrs. Holdsworth has been tasked with baking a birthday cake this year, and she needs your help! Talk to the birthday leader, and then go find Mrs. Holdsworth by the cake baking area to give her a hand.

Collect the Golden Horseshoes

Collect golden horseshoes to trade for this year’s festival outfit. 

Birthday Races

Try the balloon race or check the race board to find the race of the day. The daily races will give your horses a boosted amount of XP!

How well do you know Jorvik?

Talk to Lou the Clue Giver to try your hand at the Clue Hunt. Test your knowledge with a Star Stable/horse themed quiz and get rewards if you answer all questions correctly. If you don’t get them all on your first try, don’t worry, you can try again tomorrow!

More Birthday Fun

  • April Fools: We’re bringing back some oldies but goodies to help us celebrate our birthday this year 

  • Guided Tours: Look for Tour Guide Imogen to take a guided tour of Jorvik and learn more about the lore of different areas in Jorvik 

Have fun and don’t forget to share your best birthday moments with the hashtag #SSObirthday. We want to see your favorite Star Stable memories from this year’s celebration and birthdays from years past! 

Your Star Stable Team ♥