Next Up in Jorvik!

The snow is on its way, and with it comes the magical spirit of winter. Here are all the fun and exciting things you can expect for our Winter month!

Save the Winter Magic

December 6th

★ Snow has fallen on Jorvik, just as much as last year, and there are going to be localized snow storms across Jorvik. Take a sleigh back to The Winter Village, but something seems off. The magic is gone! How can you help restore it? For our new players, there will be a brand-new beginning to the game to experience!

Something Sweet and Frosty

December 13th

★ The return of magic guides new friends to the Winter Village. Meet the two new winter-themed horses, sweet Lebkuchen and frosty Vetle, and their companions, Gumdrop and Murrlan! When you are out in the winter wonderland, you will find small little creatures are lost and need help finding their way home.

Winter Friendship and challenges

December 20th

★ Two more friends will be joining the party. A beautiful Shire and an adorable Icelandic Horse. Although they might not be magical, they do love winter! Find more challenges in the Winter Village! Among them a runaway Capran!

Bye bye 2023

December 27th

★ The New Year’s party is back in Winter Village! Celebrate the end of 2023 with friends and clubmates. The Caprans have heard of show jumping and have made it their mission to host one as a final goal of 2023!

A new year with new possibilities

January 3rd

★ The final week of Winter, a chance to get that last bit of magic before the sleighs to Winter Village fly off to new adventures. If you have not been able to gather enough magic for the rewards, don’t worry, we have a plan B for you.

According to our weather reports, it will be cold enough for the snow to stay for another month!

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