Game Update

Magic Emerges in Hollow Woods!

Hey, Starfam! Meet Wynna in Hollow Woods to initiate your journey into the realm of druidism, setting you on a magical path.

Magic within Hollow Woods

A mysterious runestone has appeared in Hollow Woods! Within this runestone holds magic, and with this magic, the possibilities are endless! Find the magic runestone in Hollow Woods and your journey will begin. You will meet the druid, Wynna Sunbeam, who can direct you to the Paths of Whimsy and Runeology.

Path of Whimsy

Progress through the Path of Whimsy by collecting Light from fireflies and Wisps! Wisps are enchanted beings that appear as fireflies. Not all fireflies in Hollow Woods are Wisps, but a lucky few are. Once you have unlocked the ability to find Wisps, their rewards are even greater. As you progress through this path, you will earn rewards!

Path of Runeology

This path is for the puzzle masters! Ancient structures called Runestones are scattered around Hollow Woods. Runestones present three different types of challenges: Glyph Puzzles, Runecarving, and finding Satchels. By completing these challenges, you will again be rewarded with Light. As you progress through this path, you will earn rewards!

Magic & Mark-Downs!

The Hollow Woods update is here just in time for Black Friday and a week full of magical deals. Magic & Mark-Downs – a full week packed with offers and discounts you won’t want to miss! Including…

The Bazaar

The Bazaar is visiting Jorvik for one week to celebrate the magic in Hollow Woods! There's discounts on magical horses, and price drops on pets and druid sets. These discounts are available until the Wednesday Update on November 29th.

50% discount on magical horses!

Fancy a magical horse for a mystical Hollow Woods trail ride? Now is your chance! Several horses have now been discounted: Ayla & Umbra, Tellina & Kampos, Sedna & Proteus, Faramawr and Aldrach, and Calder and Ephyra. Which one will join your stable?

Sales on tons of items!

Embark on your Hollow Woods journeys by donning the attire of druids and tapping into the enchanting spirit that surrounds you! Several druid-themed items are now discounted in the Bazaar.

50% price drop on pets

Of course, a few magical companions couldn’t help but visiting. See which adorable pets are available for adoption at the Bazaar in Moorland!

★ Happy Horse Week

We want your horses to feel their happiest while exploring the magic of Hollow Woods. Therefore, everyone gets 7 days of free stable care! If you recently bought stable care, it will resume with our Wednesday Update on November 29th.


The paths in Hollow Woods grow to have even more rewards available!

Have a great week!

Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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