There’s magic in the air

There’s magic in the air

March 3, 2021

Hey StarFam! Can you feel the magic in the air? Two magical horses have been spotted in Jorvik!

Meet Petra and Erinys

Across Jorvik stand ancient runestones, the legacy of Druid stonecutters working in Aideen’s name to protect the island. If imbued with life, these runestones can transform, producing horses that carry their magic within them. These mythical horses seem to be drawn to Wildwoods, where Jorvik’s primal magical energies are the strongest!

Are you ready to explore with these magical friends? Are you ready to explore with these magical friends? #MagicHorseErinys #MagicHorsePetra

Petra’s hoofsteps can make the ground tremble. But as Petra is a gentle soul, they don’t want to see the world destroyed by their thundering hooves. That’s why you can often find Petra standing still as a statue among nature, allowing vines and flowers to grow on their back. This relaxed attitude makes Petra an easy-going riding partner, happy to meander trails and stop to munch on moss.

Sometimes, dark forces can corrupt the sacred runes, crumbling these monuments. It is from these shattered sigils that Erinys was born. Erinys’ fierce and tireless nature makes them a dedicated riding companion, always eager to push their limits and become stronger and faster. Born in shadow, Erinys hopes one day to be welcomed back into the earth from which it sprung. Perhaps by bonding with this tragic steed, you can help it come a few steps closer to redemption.

As Petra and Erinys are magical horses, they hide their magical coats whenever they’re close to villages or stables to blend in among other horses. When they head out into the wilderness, they appear in their magic forms once again! You will not be able to change the mane styles, but their coats are resistant to the harsh cold of Dino Valley!

When in their normal form, they resemble Clydesdales... When in their normal form, they resemble Clydesdales...

...and when in the wilderness, they take on their magic form! ...and when in the wilderness, they take on their magic form!

These special horses will join your horse family for 750 Star Coins each! Find them at the magic horse spot next to old Jaspers’ farm in Moorland.

Magical pets

Not only can Petra and Erinys join your family, but two companions were also born from the runestones!

The Happy-go-lucky Bunny leapt from a runestone with Petra—the ultimate good luck charm! The Bunny of Darkness erupted from a corrupted runestone with Erinys, wishing to see the world go up in flames. Choose the light or dark side, by adopting one of these cute companions for a fee of 400 SC each!

To make the bunnies hop next to you, place one in a saddlebag attached to your horse’s saddle and press “P”!

Petra and Erinys, along with their pets, are available until the Wednesday update on March 24th.

Which magical pet will join your family? Which magical pet will join your family?

The Bonus Shop

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who became Star Rider by one-time payment!

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Your magic horses will be feeling a little less shy about where they reveal their true form.

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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