Go into the unknown!

Go into the unknown!

February 24, 2021

No one knows exactly what lies beyond Wilder’s Verge, though there have been rumors about strange goings-on. With no path to the other side of Hartwood Lake, the area has always remained shrouded in mystery...until now.

Calling all explorers!

It’s the update you’ve been waiting for! An undiscovered part of Wildwoods has now revealed itself! At the edge of the forest, across Hartwood Lake, a new area awaits to be explored. Look for clues to bridge the gap and head deeper into the forest. It is sure to hold adventure and magic for those who are brave enough to enter.

To enter this part of Wildwoods you must be a Star Rider, have unlocked Mistfall and joined the Jorvik Rangers on the initial voyage into Wildwoods. After that you are all set for exploration! You can start by looking down and following the tracks.

A new area awaits discovery! A new area awaits discovery!

Meet the herds of Wildwoods

Long ago, the Jorvik Wild Horses of Wildwoods became divided, separating themselves into three distinct herds—the Warriors, the Mystics, and the Foresters. They share the forest reluctantly, each connecting to the magic of Wildwoods in their own way. Discover the history of each herd and what makes them unique!

You might notice that the Jorvik Wild Horses for sale each have attributes coming from the different herds. The Jorvik Wild Horses with blue in their coats come from the Mystics! Try to spot where each horse comes from.

Meet each herd to discover the history of the land Meet each herd to discover the history of the land

New Wildwoods items

Have you found a herd that calls out to you? We have herd-specific clothing and tack available to purchase once you unlock the new area. Feel at one with the forest by dressing to match your favorite herd! After you meet the herds, daily quests will become available where you can unlock even more clothing and tack.

New Wildwoods tack and clothing! New Wildwoods tack and clothing!

A tribute to Matilda Opalpie

Most of you know our beloved Matilda Opalpie and all the amazing things she has done for Star Stable! Whether you watched her report the news or met her in person at an event, you know how special she is to us and the community. After 5 incredible years with Star Stable, Matilda will now be moving on to do even more great things. To celebrate all that is Matilda Opalpie, we put together a little tribute where you can read more about her Star Stable journey!

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Born from sacred runestones, these horses carry ancient magic within them.

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