Bug Fix Log 2021

Bug Fix Log 2021

January 6, 2021

Hi StarFam!

When developing a game, you often come across things that don’t quite work like they should or look like they are supposed to. We’re always working hard trying to solve these so-called bugs, and every month we share some of the many flaws we’ve corrected.

January Bug Fixes

Some of the sheep in Firgrove were feeling a bit rebellious and couldn’t decide if they wanted to be white sheep or black sheep. They changed to both colors when you marked them in Andy’s quest. Now the sheep have decided they would rather not stand out from the crowd. They will stay white when you mark them.
Some more sheep were feeling funky. Was there something in the water? The sheep at The Unfortunate Dews' Farm were disappearing into the rocks. We tweaked the rocks so they can no longer hide timid sheep.
Uh oh! Some of you spent more time in Pandoria than expected. The portal back to Jorvik became invisible and was very difficult to find. We couldn’t have you suffering from the realm’s mysterious effects! We fixed the portal so you can get in and out as quickly as you please.
The stable portrait of the American Paint Horse was looking a little strange. The painter must have favored abstract art. We hired a new painter to make a more realistic portrait! Now it looks more dignified.
Enitan is usually a dedicated Jorvik Ranger, but he had an off day. He overslept and had to get on his ranger clothes in a hurry! He must have still been groggy when he put on two pairs of shoes! Alonso managed to warn him before too many people noticed.

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