More Friesian fun!

More Friesian fun!

January 13, 2021

Hello StarFam! We are happy to announce that more Friesians have arrived in Jorvik!

Fantastic Friesians

Three new Friesian variations are now available outside Jorvik Stables! They come in the colors Black with White Socks, Black Leopard Blanket, and Grey. These beauties can be yours for 950 Star Coins each! To get them, you must have reached level 8.

Don’t forget these horses feature two unique mane styles and can perform a canter pirouette. If you click the Spacebar while your Friesian is standing still, you will be treated to this graceful move. It can also wear the medieval bridles and is currently the only horse on Jorvik able to do so!

Gorgeous new Friesians Gorgeous new Friesians

Speaking of medieval bridles…

We have released two new colors to pair with your favorite Friesian! These magnificent bridles are handcrafted in three medieval styles. They now come in an elegant silver and black, as well as a stately silver and brown. As a reminder, the bridle styles are:
The hackamore bridle
The horned bridle
The medieval bridle

You can find them for sale at the Global Store and one of the shops in Jarlaheim. So head on over if you are feeling wistful for times of knights in shining armor!

For now, these bridles are exclusive to the Generation 3 Friesian Horse. We hope to be able to offer these bridles for more horse breeds in the future.

Which bridle color is your favorite? Which bridle color is your favorite?

New Bobcat Races

We have even more exciting news! Stacy is eager to whip her fellow Bobcats into shape. She just needs your help getting a new course set up. In return for your help, Stacy will gladly let you train in three new races! These races were made to test your show jumping skills and make great additions to your training rounds. Find Stacy outside Moorland Stables to get started.

To help Stacy, you must have finished the quest where you are gifted the Bobcat Club jacket. The first parts of this quest are available for all players, while the final race will only be available for Star Riders.

Say hello to Stacy to get this race started! Say hello to Stacy to get this race started!

The Star Stable: Mistfall series is almost here!

Tune in to the premiere of Star Stable: Mistfall this Saturday! Our very first animated series features an adventure story from Jorvik that is yet to be told! The premiere is full of exciting content—interviews with voice actors, exclusive performances, and other behind-the-scenes moments! Plus, you’ll get to see all 10 episodes. Mark your calendars for January 16th. You don’t want to miss it!

Video of the week!

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Have a great week!
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