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A Halloween party like no other!

Booo StarFam! It’s Halloween, and this year's celebration is something out of the ordinary! Never before have we had a party as big as this one, so keep on reading - there’s lots to know!

We’ll be celebrating Halloween until the Wednesday update on November 4.

Some of the content might be a bit scary for our younger players, so we encourage you to take the opportunity to play with a friend or a trusted adult!

First of all…

We got some news about our news! We’ve added some neat news cards into the game, so when you log in for the first time after a Wednesday update, you’ll get a quick recap of what has been updated. If your account has not yet unlocked the new content, you will not see a news card.

This does of course not entirely replace our weekly news articles, and you’ll always be able to come back here to read more about our recent changes!

Now, back to the update!

Galloper’s Keep

Halloween is here, with a Pandoric twist! Usually, the creepy ruin known as Galloper’s Keep houses the spirit of Jorvik Legends, Galloper Thompson, but someone else decided to crash the party this year. Ydris stumbled upon the floating islands and got a real party started, with more and more ghosts joining in every day!

You can travel to the Keep even if you are not a Star Rider!

Galloper’s Keep - the place to be this Halloween!

There are many things to do at Galloper’s Keep!
★ Throw soul shards in the Keep’s cauldron to get rewards!
★ Experience moments from Galloper Thompson’s past in a scary race!
★ The popular Scarecrow Hill Race is back again!
★ Enter a magic portal to try a brand new Haunted Trail Ride!
★ Explore several cool Halloween shops!!
★ Four magical horses are hoping to find a forever home in your stable!
★ Two spooky pets are available to get during a limited time!
★ Get magical powders to transform your Starter Horse!
★ We’ve added a brand new storage pumpkin - go to the giant pumpkin in the middle of the Keep for easy access to your wardrobe!

Keep on reading to find out more!

Collect Soul Shards

The mighty cauldron in the middle of the keep demands Soul Shards! Throw in bundles of five to receive an item from this year's Halloween set!

Some of you might have saved green or orange shards from previous years. This year, the cauldron will only accept pink shards!

To collect Soul Shards, you need to find ghostly tornadoes appearing around Jorvik. Upon reaching one, it will release several small shards you will have to collect in order to make up one Soul Shard. A storm appears at the top of every hour, so ride out in Jorvik to find it! No time to waste - you never know how long the vortex will stay.

You can also participate in the races around Galloper’s Keep to earn extra shards every day, and if you’re very lucky, you might even find a shard or two on the Haunted Trail Ride.

There are a total of 12 items to collect from the cauldron. Will you be able to gather enough Soul Shards?

Look for the storm to gather Soul Shards!

Halloween Shops

At Galloper’s Keep you can purchase several Halloween outfits and masks, and you can also find a merch store for the popular band known as the Miscreants!

At one of the shops, you’ll be able to buy some epic, magical powders. If you use them on your Starter Horse while standing in front of it, it will gain a cool Halloween look for a short amount of time! There are three different powders with different looks – make sure to try them all to find your favorites! Whenever you use a powder on your horse, it will be active for 30 minutes unless you choose to turn it off.

The magical powder shops will also be present back in Jorvik, so you can easily stock up on cool effects. Remember, this powder only works on your Starter Horse!

What costume will you wear this year?

Who wouldn’t want to ride on these cool horses for Halloween? #JorvikOG

Magic horses!

At Galloper’s Keep, you never know what sorts of magical horses will appear! Magical horses are known for having two different coats - one coat to show when in highly populated areas like stables and villages, and their true coat which shines when they go out in the Jorvegian wilderness.

A beautiful Whinfell horse looking just like Galloper Thompson’s ghostly mare is searching for a new home and will join your StarFam for 599 Star Coins. The Whinfell is a Generation 2 horse, and is not able to wear our latest types of horse tack. You will not be able to change the mane style of your Whinfell.

This blazing horse transforms into a black beauty when you enter populated areas on Jorvik! #ThisIsHalloweenHorses

The beloved Pepita and Woodear are back again after making their debut last year! The friendly Pepita is seen as a good omen when spotted by farmers, and the shy but sweet Woodear would be grateful for a guiding hand, as it is blind. Pepita and Woodear can be adopted for 850 Star Coins each and are resistant to the harsh cold of Dino Valley. You will not be able to change the mane style of the Pepita or the Woodear.

When in highly populated areas, they look like this...

...and when returning to the wilderness, they take on this look! #ThisIsHalloweenHorses

Last, but certainly not least, is a brand new magic horse who has joined the party and longs for a forever home! The Tombhoof is a spirit of a horse who once lived. The horse is looking for a human to bond with to get a chance to live again by the side of its new two-legged friend.

The Tombhoof will join you on every adventure you’re willing to bring it along for, for 950 Star Coins. Like an American Quarter Horse, the Tombhoof can perform a spin if you click Spacebar while the horse is standing still. You will not be able to change the mane style of the Tombhoof.

The spookiest horse there is! #ThisIsHalloweenHorses

Spooky pets!

Right next to the horses you can buy your very own black cat! The cat will either sit in your saddle bag, or run next to you and your horse on your adventures. You’ll also find the cool Skele-cat, who’s a friend of Tombhoof - as well as the super cute pumpkin pet who stole the show last year!

Get the coolest Halloween pets at Galloper’s Keep!

The Haunted Trail Ride

A new trail ride is here! By entering one of the portals at Galloper’s Keep, you’ll be able to join in on a brand new experience. Starting by the Light Ride Trail Ride by Goldenleaf Stables, this creepy ride will give you a scare or two for sure! The mountain holds many paths, and if you try them all out there’s no telling what you will meet...

If you find some obstacles along the way a bit too hard or scary to overcome, you can avoid certain paths of the trail and find another way to get to the end! When you’ve found a portal back to Galloper’s Keep, your horse will receive some XP as a reward for making it through. The Haunted Trail Ride will hold even more importance next week, so stay tuned…

Warning: This creepy trail holds many surprises, but we want to give you an extra warning if you would rather avoid snakes and spiders!

Everyone will be able to join the trail ride, even if you haven’t yet unlocked Goldenhills Valley!

You have never experienced a trail ride quite like this one! #HauntedTrailRide

The Pumpkins are loose!

Old Jasper Holbrook is having issues at his farm in Goldenhills Valley. The water he uses in his sprinkler on the pumpkin fields has been contaminated by Pandoric magic, and suddenly he doesn’t only have living scarecrows to worry about but now, the pumpkins are coming to life and Jasper is in desperate need of some help!

After you have helped Jasper with his initial pumpkin patch problems, you’re nowhere near done. Loads of pumpkins already made their grand escape and are hiding around the valley. When you approach a possessed pumpkin you’ll never know if you’re in for a trick or a treat, but no matter what, you’ll be rewarded with tiny, golden pumpkins when you have completed your mission. These golden pumpkins can be exchanged for rewards right by Jasper’s pumpkin patch, or at Galloper’s Keep! Collect as many golden pumpkins as possible to get all the rewards, which spans from items we’ve seen previous years to an adorable walking pet...

You can hunt for as many pumpkins you’d like every day - there’s no limit. This is how the spawn rates work every day:

★ The first 5 pumpkins spawn with an 8 second interval. You need to finish one pumpkin set (bring three baby pumpkins back to the big pumpkin) in order for the next set to appear.
★ All pumpkins you find after that will spawn with 20 minute intervals. Logging out of the game will reset the timer - and you’ll know when the next spawn will happen by taking a look at the board next to the big pumpkin you pick up your rewards from!

To be able to play these quests, you must be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you open the gates to Goldenhills Valley.

Play with the living pumpkins to earn golden pumpkin tokens!

The Halloween races

The hugely popular races The Headless Horseman’s Harrowing Race and The Soul Shards on Scarecrow Hill are back again! You can access them both through portals at Galloper’s Keep - and by playing them you’ll be able to earn soul shards once a day!

Get your Halloween flair on!

During Halloween on Jorvik, all beauty salons on the island offer four different Halloween style makeups. If you purchase them, you’ll keep them forever at the vanity table in your Home Stable and can switch between them at any time!

The Silverglade Castle Ghost Train

All aboard the ghost train! Enter Silverglade Castle and head into one of the rooms to take a ride on our traditional train ride.

To be able to try the ghost train you must be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you let Linda out of the Silverglade Castle.


Eve’s Pumpkin Hunt

Last but not least, Eve is back with the Pumpkin Hunt in the Silverglade Castle cellar! Go meet up with Eve at the base of Silverglade Castle to play this appreciated mini-game!

This year the game got an extra update - you can now play the game while in map-mode! Just open the map when you’re playing and keep on moving around as usual!

Talk to Eve to get started!

The H&M Grand Prix

You have two more weeks to play the H&M Grand Prix before it leaves Jorvik! Meet Zuri by the Jorvik Stables Arena to try it out.

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


Maybe Ydris shouldn’t have set up a party at Galloper’s Keep after all...

Have a spooky week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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