Welcome to the Fort Pinta Festival!

Welcome to the Fort Pinta Festival!

September 9, 2020

Hi StarFam! On Jorvik, summer is almost over. To celebrate these last few days of summer, the Fort Pinta Festival is here!

The Fort Pinta Festival will be celebrated until the Wednesday Update on September 23.

The Fort Pinta festival

To say goodbye to this beautiful summer, the Fort Pinta Festival is here! If you have joined us for fun times at Fort Pinta Beach during previous years, you'll recognize this celebration!

The Fort Pinta Festival is hosted by Tim, the shibbiest dude on Jorvik! Go talk to him and help him to get the party started!

Meet up with Tim to get the Festival going! Meet up with Tim to get the Festival going!

When you are done with the preparations, you can:
Dance the night away listening to the latest tracks from DJ Kai
Chit chat with some cool Jorvegians who have dropped by
Shop in the limited time beach shop, or the limited time merch shop for the band known as the Miscreants!
Buy eco-friendly lanterns to send them floating up towards the sky! (Give this a try at night with your friends for the best possible effect!)
Participate in the fun, limited time beach race - talk to Tim to try it out!

Hang out on the beach with your friends! Hang out on the beach with your friends!

Updates to the championship schedule!

By popular demand, we’ve updated the championship schedule! Now championships will run once an hour from 06.00 to 23.00 EVERY DAY to give you plenty of opportunity to participate in these special races!

The championship schedules in-game have of course been updated to reflect these changes. Happy racing!

Riding fix!

When you crash into something when riding, you no longer have to wait for a few seconds before being able to speed away again. Your horses will also keep their speed in the gait of your choice for longer before you have to tap on the up arrow or W to keep the gait!

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


Will you be emused by our owlsome update next week? Bird puns might fly right over your head, but the update next week won’t!

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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