Who let the donkeys out?!

Who let the donkeys out?!

July 29, 2020

Hi StarFam! While the Jorvik Stables Open House still is going strong, Mary seems to have lost something...

Mary had a little donkey

You all already know Mary from Starshine Ranch! She decided to take a turn about Jorvik with her brand new miniature donkeys, but those little rascals sneaked off for some adventures on their own! Mary is of course worried about her new friends, and will need your help to find them again.

Meet Mary outside of the Jorvik Stables to learn more and get started with the search for donkeys - when you find them all, you’ll get a unique plushie for your saddle bag to remember your new pals by!

Meet up with Mary to start! Meet up with Mary to start!

You will be able to keep track of all the miniature donkeys thanks to your journal, but before you head out on your adventure there’s one more thing you have to know - these donkeys are as sneaky as can be! Some of them will refuse to follow you back to their owner, and you might have to figure out different ways to make them join you. Will you be able to crack the riddle and make these finicky friends return back to Mary?

Donkeys can be both stubborn and sneaky! Donkeys can be both stubborn and sneaky!

To be able to talk to Mary and find her donkeys, you must be a Star Rider and have finished the quest where you help Donald the builder finish the bridge between Silverglade and Harvest Counties. Some donkeys will require you to complete more quests in Harvest Counties before you can find them!

The Jorvik Stables Open House

The Open House will stay until the upcoming Wednesday Update, so make sure not to miss out on all the fun!

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Mixing up show jumping and cross country? What’s going on over at Goldenleaf Stables…?

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