The return of old friends!

The return of old friends!

July 1, 2020

Hello StarFam! This week familiar faces can be seen everywhere, no matter if you choose to travel by horse or hot air balloon!

Both the Cloud Kingdom and the Jorvik Wild Horses are available up until the Wednesday update on July 15th.

Travel to a world beyond the skies!

Mica Stoneground is here again! This young explorer is mostly known for her travels to the mythical place known as the Cloud Kingdom, and now she’s back on Jorvik to bring you with her! Meet her outside of Doyle’s Abbey to follow her up to the highest height!

Meet Mica at her hot air balloon... Meet Mica at her hot air balloon... travel to the astonishing Cloud Kingdom! travel to the astonishing Cloud Kingdom!

What can you do in the Cloud Kingdom?
The fun and challenging Rainbow Race is back!
Do you wanna look like a real adventurer? Not only can you buy Mica’s outfit here, but you’ll also find some rainbow tack from last year’s Rainbow Festival as well as a brand new set!
Have you ever tried jumping on bouncy clouds? Try it out by jumping on the small, round clouds!
Mica lost some important equipment among the clouds! Talk to her when you've found all seven items to get a cool reward.
If you have completed this mini-quest before, you will not be able to play it again.
Have you seen the tiny golden cloud by one of the rainbow bridges? The golden cloud will scatter golden horseshoes throughout the area for you to collect once a day. Collect them all to get a big bonus added to your horse xp!
Wanna take a moment to chill out with your friends to the greatest view ever? Bring some friends to the new picnic spots on the clouds!
If your horse ever gets tired after your adventures, there's no need to go all the way back to Jorvik to care for it - you can care for your horse right in Mica's camp.

Mica will stay until July 15th, and when she leaves Jorvik with her hot air balloon it's time to say bye to the Cloud Kingdom – for now!

You can visit the Cloud Kingdom even if you are not a Star Rider. You can not bring Spirit to the Cloud Kingdom.

Discover a magical world with your horse! Discover a magical world with your horse!

The return of the classics!

NINE classic Jorvik Wild Horses are back again! Gary Goldtooth just can’t seem to stay away from Silverglade for long, because this time he has set up camp by Nilmer’s Highland along with six Shire type and three Icelandic type Jorvik Wild horses. If you’re looking to complete your collection of Jorvik Wild Horses, here’s another chance! You can get any of the Shire type horses for 599 Star Coins and any of the Icelandic type horses for 399 Star Coins each.

Gary and his horses will stay on Jorvik for two weeks, so make sure to swing by before July 15th!

You are not able to change mane styles on any of these Jorvik Wild Horses, and the Icelandic type horses are NOT able to tölt.

Meet nine classic Jorvik Wild Horses! Meet nine classic Jorvik Wild Horses!

Where’s a Horse Trainer when you need one?

Now you don’t have to ride halfway across Jorvik just to finally learn how to lead your horse or to level up your horse quickly - seven new Horse Trainers have been stationed around Jorvik to help you out!

Here are the additional locations where you’ll find Horse Trainers from now on:

Goldenleaf Stables
Firgrove Village
Steve’s Farm
Moorland Stables
Fort Pinta

Need a recap on how to use the Horse Trainer?
You can talk to the Horse Trainer at any time to level up the horse you’re currently riding for a Star Coins fee. This gets more expensive the higher the level of the horse!
When you have reached level 7 and are a Star Rider, you can learn how to lead your horse! For a fee of 135 Star Coins, you'll permanently be able to lead any horse you own as long as it is wearing some type of halter or bridle.

More Horse Trainers all around! More Horse Trainers all around!

Updated loading screen!

We’ve updated the loading screen you see when logging onto the game for some summery vibes!

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


Show Jumping and new saddle pads, yes please!

Have a great week!
Many hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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