Let’s welcome summer!

Let’s welcome summer!

June 10, 2020

Hi StarFam! Summer has come early to Jorvik, as have our Midsummer celebrations!

The Midsummer celebrations will go on until the Wednesday update on June 24th, and all players, even Non-Star Riders, will be able to participate.

Join the celebrations!

Every year, the Jorvik Rangers set up a traditional Jorvegian Midsummer celebration next to Old Jasper’s farm in Moorland. They are all working hard to get the food, music, and decor ready on time, so they’ll surely be grateful for any help you can offer!

What can you take part in this year?
Stanislav the Jorvik Ranger needs your help to set up the Midsummer Pole so we can join in on some classic frog dancing!
Play along to our cool Midsummer music with your friends! Walk up to one of the musical instruments on the stage and show the world that you could be the next winner of the Jorovision Song Contest!
Ashley the Jorvik Ranger is in need of assistance in order to meet all the safety requirements for the traditional Midsummer fire!
If you can’t wait for the Midsummer feast, Dylan the Jorvik Ranger is here for you. He needs some help to check up on his deliveries for the party!
Craft your own Midsummer wreaths for you and your horse!
Take a break with your friends and have a picnic by the tables or by the picnic blankets, or why not hang by the stands to watch your friends perform on stage!
Chat with everyone participating to find out more about what they think of the event - there are lots of fun people to hang out with!
And you know what, we’re not done yet! Keep on reading to find out more!

Get started by talking to Jorvik Ranger Marisol! Get started by talking to Jorvik Ranger Marisol!

The Midsummer shop

Not only will you find the regular Midsummer items here, but if you missed out on the fish pond we had last year, you will now be able to get the items here!

Dream a little dream

If you pick seven different kinds of flowers on Midsummer Night’s Eve and sleep with them beneath your pillow, it’s said that you’ll dream about a special someone. Who will be the one in your dreams? Visit the special flower tent to try it out!

Dream a little dream of a special someone! Dream a little dream of a special someone!

Craft your own Midsummer wreath!

Of course we haven’t forgotten about the traditional Midsummer wreaths! Per usual, you’re able to craft your very own both for you and for your horse! In the festival area, there’s a crafting table you can use for this purpose. Take a look at the flower chart on the table to see where you can find flowers to use, and go find the special flowers from each area. When you’ve found the correct flower, head back to the crafting table to bind the wreath! Every day, you can find two flowers to make one wreath for you and one wreath for your horse. Come back every day to collect them all!

If you need any help to get started, have a chat with Jorvik Ranger Fleur and she’ll help you out!

To be able to craft your own wreath, you must have finished the quest where you help Marisol place a flag on the top of the Midsummer pole.

Craft beautiful wreaths for you and your favorite horse! Craft beautiful wreaths for you and your favorite horse!

Kampos and Tellina!

Gary Goldtooth, along with the magical horses Kampos and Tellina, can still be found by the Fort Pinta beach! They all leave Jorvik on Wednesday, June 17!

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


Speeding by faster than the speed of light - it’s the English Thoroughbred!

Have a great week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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