New tack items!

New tack items!

May 20, 2020

Hello StarFam! This is an exciting day for sure, because today we are releasing two brand new tack items along with a fun gold-digging game!

Dig a little deeper

Meet Scruggs! He’s a Leprechaun who has recently decided that chasing gold at the end of the rainbow is a waste of time when you can grab a pickaxe and take all of your frustrations out on the rocks around Firgrove. You’ll find him just north of Starshine Ranch!

By helping Scruggs dig up three pieces of gold around Firgrove each day, you’ll be able to earn A LOT of Jorvik Shillings, and if you help him gather just enough gold while he’s around you’ll also get a special reward...

The Gold Rush is available up until the Wednesday Update on June 3rd.

Watch out for gold fever! Watch out for gold fever!

Halters and open front boots!

A halter is a must for a horse owner! Whether you’re putting your horse out in the pasture or caring for it at the wash rack, a halter is a perfect way to keep track of your friend should it feel the call of some tasty grass mid-brushing. Or, why not use it as a bridle to show off your amazing horsemanship, being able to ride your horse without any reins to help you communicate? You’ll find the halters in four colors in the shop Hackamores & More at Starshine Ranch!

All Generation 3 horses are able to wear the halters.

How gorgeous are these shiny halters? How gorgeous are these shiny halters?

The new open front boots are sure to complete any sporty outfit for your horse! No matter if you’re training in a paddock or doing zoomies out in the woods, the boots make sure you’re stylish while protecting your horses’ legs! You’ll find the boots in four different colors in the shop Hackamores & More at Starshine Ranch!

All Generation 3 horses able to wear leg wraps can wear the open front boots.

Sporty boots! Sporty boots!

Why are only the Generation 3 horses able to wear the new tack?
Adding new tack to already existing horses is a long and complicated process. By focusing on giving the new tack to Generation 3 horses, we can add even more new, cool tack of higher quality at a quicker pace moving forward!

Why is there no lead rope for the halter?

We’ve had some technical restrictions with how our reins work in the game today, which meant that the only choice for the halter was to either have reins like all the bridles or to not have anything at all. For now, we have decided to take the second approach, but we’d love to hear your feedback - Would you rather have reins? Would you like to see actual lead ropes, or are you fine with how it looks today? Reach out and tell us about it so we can investigate possible solutions!

Western is cool, but will we get halters in other styles too?

We are definitely planning to release halters in other styles in the future!

Why do the boots not have stats?

The boots may seem more like a piece of tack than a decoration, but if we would add stats to the boots, that would mean that you would have to use boots in order to have a fair chance in races and championships. Therefore, they work just like the leg wraps - they have no stats but are a beautiful addition to your outfit!

Internet Explorer 11

Soon, will no longer support the web browser Internet Explorer 11, which means the website might look funny or not work at all. We are ending support due to the old age of the browser, and you will of course still be able to visit using any other web browser, for example Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Support for Internet Explorer 11 ceases on May 25th.

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


A new race is on its way!

We hope you all have a great week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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