Introducing Soul Riding!

Introducing Soul Riding!

March 25, 2020

Hi StarFam! This week, it’s time to try out Soul Riding, plus Gary Goldtooth, our favorite traveling horse salesman, is back with two spectacular magical horses!

Discover the Soul Riding

Calling all Soul Riders - Rhiannon needs you! This new, permanent activity doesn’t only provide you with exciting missions every day, but will also lead to our greatest quest reward ever…

Meet Rhiannon at the Druid Paddock to learn more! Meet Rhiannon at the Druid Paddock to learn more!

With Rhiannon as your mentor, you’ll learn the ancient equestrian skill known as Soul Riding. Soul Riding harnesses the bond between you and your horse, creating a unique magic you can use to help the Druids protect Jorvik from dangerous forces like Pandoria or Dark Core!

Once Rhiannon fills you in on the basics, you’ll be able to enter special training sessions from the noticeboard by the Druid Paddock. When she sees that you’re ready, she’ll send you on special missions all over Jorvik as part of your training! You’ll help lost Pandorian Manta Rays to find their way home, stop stray Dark Core machines from poisoning the environment, and collect will-o’-the-wisps: all to prove your skills to Rhiannon!

By helping out and learning how to protect the island, you’re not only going to build a stronger friendship with Rhiannon, she’ll also reward you with anything from exciting lore books and beautiful druid tack to a special druid horse… that’s right! A HORSE!

The Rune Runner horse is ridden by the Wild Wardens of the north, and if you manage to prove yourself, you’ll get one of these beautiful Starbreeds as a gift from the Druids!

Pick up unique rewards, leading up to a free horse! Pick up unique rewards, leading up to a free horse!

Here’s some more details of how Soul Riding works:
First off, you need to show Rhiannon you can tackle the Soul Riding training in the Druid Paddock. After a bit of work, she might deem you ready to head out on greater adventures!
After proving your worth to Rhiannon, you’ll receive two special missions a day in addition to the training.
Each mission is divided into two parts: first you have to ride to a specific area, then you have to complete your task!
If you fail one of the missions, you will not be able to repeat it during the same day.
When you complete the first task of the day, you’ll get an extra boost with reputation points! Even if you only have time to do one task, you’ll still get some valuable rep points to get you going on your way to your special horse.

Come back and play every day to unlock special gifts and even more gameplay! Come back and play everyday to unlock special gifts and even more gameplay!

Your starting point is the Druid Paddock - head up there and have a chat with Rhiannon right away!

In order to be able to play Soul Riding, you must be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you help the Soul Riders bring Anne back from Pandoria.

This is a permanent feature added to the game, so don’t worry if you can’t play it yet - you will always have the chance to get the Rune Runner horse!

Meet Ayla and Umbra!

Gary Goldtooth is back in Jorvik for the next two weeks and he’s not alone! Where does he find all these magical horses? We’re guessing it’s a special trade secret! This time, both horses joining Gary have close connections to the cycles of the Moon...

You’ll find Gary’s camp in Moorland, close to Old Jasper’s Barn. Just head out on the road between Moorland and Fort Pinta and you can’t miss him - or the special horses, Ayla and Umbra!

Go meet Gary and his new, magical horses! Go meet Gary and his new, magical horses!

Ayla is a shy but amazingly loyal creature who forms close bonds with its rider. The northern lights are its favorite sight - maybe because they resemble its own beautiful coat?
Umbra loves the dark and enjoys watching fireflies during long nights in the woods. This majestic runner has a very high body temperature due to its fiery mane and is said only to be seen in the wild under the pale light of the new moon.

As Ayla and Umbra are magical horses, they hide their magical coats whenever they’re close to villages or stables to blend in amongst other horses. When they head out into the wilderness, their true coats shine through again!

Ayla and Umbra are just as beautiful in their normal horse coats... Ayla and Umbra are just as beautiful in their normal horse coats... they are in their true magic forms! they are in their true magic forms!

Ayla and Umbra can join your stable for 950 Star Coins each and just like Andalusians, they know how to perform the Spanish Walk! To walk the walk like a pro, hit the spacebar when Ayla or Umbra is standing still.

You will not be able to change the mane style of Ayla or Umbra.

Special pets!

Along with these beautiful horses, Gary is also selling two unique pets! The Moonlit Magic Fox and the Ember Enchantment Cat are close companions of Ayla and Umbra, and will join your family for 450 SC each.

Hold up though - if you need to stock up on Star Coins, a special bundle featuring Star Coins AND these pets is available this week, so keep an eye out!


Ayla and Umbra will, for now, be available until the Wednesday Update on April 8, when Gary Goldtooth will leave Jorvik again.

Magical horse fix!

Remember that clunky loading bar which showed up every time your magical horse was about to switch coats? Gone! You’ll now know your magical horse is about to change its coat when you see sparkles appearing around it!

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:


The next part of the Soul Rider chapter about Catherine’s Diary is coming soon...

Have an adventurous week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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