Farah is back for good!

Farah is back for good!

March 4, 2020

Hi StarFam! As we told you last week, this time our update is a bit smaller than usual. We do have some very exciting news though, so read on...

Farah is here to stay!

Our favorite druid fashionista is back, and luckily for us, she’s back for good! She has opened her very own little shop and will now offer her lovely druid inspired items at all times, and to celebrate she even brought along a brand new outfit set!

Farah’s new shop is located in Valedale, right next to Elizabeth Sunbeam’s house. Make sure to go by and welcome her!

Visit Farah’s new shop for the latest druid fashion! Visit Farah’s new shop for the latest druid fashion!

Follow that squirrel!

Most of our players have already met the Soul Riders, the heroes of Jorvik, but from now on a short introduction is available early on in the game for all new arrivals on the island!

Working your way past Doyles Abbey, suddenly a strange presence seems to make itself known…Follow the squirrel down its hole for your very first introduction to the Soul Riders Alex and Linda!

This short quest is available from level 4 for all players who have not yet done the quest where you meet Alex Cloudmill at the Silverglade Vineyard for the first time.

Get an introduction to the Soul Riders! Get an introduction to the Soul Riders!

If the quest isn’t available to you - no need to worry! Game Master Ylva knows what it feels like, so she made a video for those of you who don’t want to miss the action!

Coming soon - Soul Riding!

Rhiannon has been preparing for a brand new adventure for a long time, and now we’re ready to tell the world more about it! This project has been made thanks to a huge effort from our team, and we’re very excited to share the first few tidbits of it with you.

Soon, you will learn the ancient equestrian technique known as “Soul Riding,” which will allow you to help the druids protect Jorvik. You will be sent on missions all over Jorvik to help keep the island safe from Pandoric activity, Dark Core machines, and a variety of other threats.

By playing this adventure every day, you’ll unlock special gifts leading up to our most epic reward of all time - something you've been asking to get for free in the game for a very long time...

Go on missions for the Druids! Go on missions for the Druids!

We’re aiming to release the Soul Riding as a permanent feature in Star Stable in late March, and we can’t wait to share this adventure with you!

Soul Riding - Coming soon! Soul Riding - Coming soon!

Fjord horse update!

A while back, we ran a poll on social media to learn about your preferences for the tail textures of the Generation 3 Fjord horses in the game. We’ve listened to your feedback and changed the tail textures to resemble the one of Woodear and Pepita!

Old to the left and new to the right! Old to the left and new to the right!

New loading screen!

While we’re preparing for the Soul Riding, we’ve updated the loading page you see when you log onto the game to get you in the right mood for your upcoming adventure

The Bonus Shop

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who got Star Rider by one-time payment!


More spotted horses coming soon!

Have a great week and we’ll see each other in Jorvik!
Love from the Star Stable Team ♥

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