Bug Fix Log 2020

Bug Fix Log 2020

February 5, 2020

Hi StarFam!

When developing a game, you often come across things that don’t quite work like they should or look like they are supposed to. We’re always working hard trying to solve these so-called bugs, and every month we share some of the many flaws we’ve corrected.

January Bug Fixes

Oh no, what happened to our poor Connemara? Maybe it partied too hard during our winter celebrations because when we returned in early January its legs flipped and flopped in several gaits. We sent all the Connemaras of Jorvik to a vet check and they’re now back to normal.
We’ve tweaked the interface in the Global Store and all shops that use similar interfaces to make sure that the “owned” icon doesn’t overlap with the text that marks new items.
During the winter we noticed that the icons for your magical horses loaded slower than usual when you opened up your horse sorting menu in your Home Stable. Fixed!
Token the traveling dragon hasn’t yet grown up to be Token the flying dragon, but after our latest update of Fort Pinta he did hover above the ground for some photos. We tweaked his position a bit, so now you wont find any mysteriously airborne dragon plushies around anymore.
In the new Mayor Peanut race, you’ll run into some sheep. Unfortunately, we ran into an issue where the sheep popped up out of nowhere and stuck halfway into the ground, which was difficult to solve since our developers fell asleep when they tried to count the amount of sheep they had to fix… Luckily, they figured it all out in the end and got a good nap while at it!

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