Jingle and Jangle are back!

Jingle and Jangle are back!

January 1, 2020

Hi there, StarFam!

Can you believe this is the FIRST DAY of 2020? We barely can. We’re still feeling stuffed from all the holiday food, and many of us are still celebrating with friends and family. Let’s kick off this last week in the Winter Village with the return of a fun race!

Race away!

Where’s your sleigh permit? If you don’t have one, you might have to convince the Race Helper Jingle and his pal Jangle to let you try out the race they’re hosting. Some of you might recognize this old favorite of a race, but Jingle and Jangle have pumped up the rewards and you’re gonna get plenty of Winter Tokens if you race with them! If you’re still trying to get the last few items from the Ice Boutique, here’s your chance to grab even more of those shiny tokens!

Talk to Jingle to play his race! Talk to Jingle to play his race!

Why was the race delayed?

Our initial plan for Jingle's race this year was to implement some updates and changes - to make it a bit more new and exciting for all of you! We ran into some obstacles though, and had to scrap those changes since there wouldn't be enough time to implement them. We're really sorry we weren't able to give you something fresh for this update, but we know you love this race and want to know what YOU would do to update it! Send us your thoughts and ideas...we'll see what we can do for next year!

Our last week in Winter Village!

One week to go, StarFam! After the next Wednesday update, the sleighs will leave Jorvik and we’ll have to wait until next winter to visit the Winter Village again. If you want to collect the special winter items or the special horses, Brinicle and Fawncy, now is the time!

Friendly reminder!

Since it’s important for us to make sure our team has proper time to recharge during the holidays, you’ll find that for another few weeks it might take a bit longer than usual to get a response to support tickets or comments on social media. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to regular business soon. Thank you all for your patience and understanding! ♥


Clothes, racing, and the Open House dressage arena? Yes, please!

Have an awesome first week of the new year!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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