The Yule Goats Are Loose!

The Yule Goats Are Loose!

December 11, 2019

Hi StarFam! The holiday spirit is still going strong on Jorvik, and while the Cloudmills have turned to some holiday crafting, a new magic horse has appeared in the Winter Village!

Yule goats on the run!

It’s a Jorvik tradition to make your own Yule Goats every year, and the Cloudmill siblings Alex and James are making sure to keep the tradition alive but it’s almost getting a bit out of hand! Suddenly, the Yule Goats are coming to life as well and are hopping and skipping around on the island like there’s no tomorrow!

The source of the Yule Goats’ new-found liveliness seems to spring from giant magic portals appearing around the different areas in Silverglade. Groups of Yule Goats are popping up around them - but whenever you’ll try to approach the goats, their babies will run off! Oops. Better bring them back and reunite the family!

Magic portals? You-le goat to be kid-ding me! Magic portals? You-le goat to be kid-ding me!

When you have brought the baby goats back to the big goat, you’ll be rewarded with a Yule Goat Spirit. These spirits can be traded for some epic rewards next to each magic portal, where you’ll find shops run by a huge Yule Goat!

Portals have appeared in five areas - Moorland, Fort Pinta, Silverglade, Everwind Fields and Valedale. Every day, 8 giant goats will appear from each portal, but only one will appear in each area at a time. When you’ve rescued all of the baby goats for one giant goat, the next giant goat will appear after a few seconds. If you move from one area to another (even if you haven’t finished the set you’re currently working on) then you only need to wait a few seconds for the new giant goat to appear. Keep an eye on the portal once you complete a goat set - you might get a clue as to when the next big goat appears! That’s not all though - if you find all goats in an area for the day, you’ll gain a portal point. When you have enough portal points, you’ll get even more rewards!

There’s a grand total of 22 beautiful rewards to collect - ranging from cozy holiday sweaters over a cool winter trail ride outfit to beautiful walking pets!

Bring the baby goats back to the giant goats to gain Yule Goat Spirits! Bring the baby goats back to the giant goats to gain Yule Goat Spirits!

Guess you can’t wait to get started now, huh? Go find Alex in Moorland Stables right away, then!

To be able to join the Yule Goat hunt, you must be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you help Thomas Moorland retrieve stolen documents from a masked rider. The Yule Goat hunt will be active until January 8.

Collect enough spirits to trade them for beautiful rewards! Collect enough spirits to trade them for beautiful rewards!

Meet Fawncy!

Behind Santa’s house in the Winter Village, the Brinicle has found a new friend - a wild Fawncy has appeared!

Fawncy is one of the beautiful magic horses of Jorvik, and it’s believed to originate from the Meander area up north of the North Link. This skittish fellow has a heart rate twice as fast as a normal horse and has evolved to be almost completely odorless to better avoid forest predators.

This deer-like sweetheart blends in perfectly amongst Andalusian horses while in populated areas of Jorvik while its magic shines through in wild places. You wouldn’t believe it if you first saw Fawncy in the woods up north, but it actually knows how to perform a perfect Spanish Walk, just like the Andalusians! To perform the Spanish Walk, hit spacebar while your Fawncy is standing still.

You will not be able to change the mane style of your Fawncy - but it is resistant to the harsh cold of Dino Valley!

Fawncy can be adopted for 950 Star Coins and will remain for sale in the Winter Village along with Brinicle until January 8.

A wild deer or a sassy Andalusian? A Fawncy gets you both! A wild deer or a sassy Andalusian? A Fawncy gets you both!

The Bonus Shop

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who got Star Rider by one-time payment!

The Winter Village

Ride into winter and head out to the Winter Village as often as you can until January 8!


It’s time for the long-awaited Generation 3 take on our beloved Tinker Horse!

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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