Pumpkin Hunt Info!

October 25, 2019

Hi StarFam!

We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying our Halloween celebrations this year! We’ve noticed many questions around our brand new Pumpkin Hunt in Goldenhills Valley, and since we also noticed a slight hiccup with the feature we wanted to share all the information you need to know to make the experience easier for you.


To unlock the Pumpkin Hunt at Jasper’s Farm in Goldenhills Valley, you must have unlocked Goldenhills Valley and you must have ventured to Galloper’s Keep to watch the cinematic where a soul shard drops into the cauldron in the middle of the Keep. You can then travel to Jasper’s Pumpkin farm to get started with the quest.

After finishing Jasper’s introductory quests with the possessed pumpkins, you can hunt for as many pumpkins as you’d like every day - there is no limit. This is how the spawn rates work each day:

The first 5 pumpkins spawn with an 8 second interval. You need to finish one pumpkin set (bring three baby pumpkins back to the big pumpkin) in order for the next set to appear.
Pumpkins number 6 and 7 will spawn with 20 minute intervals.
Pumpkins 8 and above will spawn with 40 minute intervals.

If you log out, the timer will be reset. For example, if you’re about to take your ninth pumpkin for the day and log out after 20 minutes, the timer will be reset to 40 minutes when you log in again.

Now to our tiny hiccup! When you log in on a new day, you will either have to:
Login and wait for 40 minutes for the first pumpkin to appear (this is not the intended process).
OR, login and then log out, and next time you enter the game on the same day, the pumpkins will once again appear at their regular schedule as listed above.

We’re aware of this bug and we’ll be fixing it as soon as we can during next week.

We’re super excited to try this feature out with you guys now, because we’re hoping to use similar experiences in other parts of the game in the future! With the help of your experience and feedback, we’ll make sure to continue evolving this feature to be as fun as possible when it returns in the future.

Have a lovely weekend!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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