We can’t get enough of fluffy horses!

We can’t get enough of fluffy horses!

November 20, 2019

Hey StarFam! We’re very happy to welcome three new Curlies to Jorvik on this lovely Wednesday!

Cuddly Curlies!

Arriving in Firgrove today, these three Curlies are sure to blow us all away with their fluffiness. The silver dapple, palomino, and bay tobiano go for 850 Star Coins each - and of course, they all are able to perform the gait known as the Curly Shuffle!

In order to get going with the Curly Shuffle, make sure the Curly is at a walk. Then hold down the SHIFT key while making the horse go faster and ta-da - your horse is shuffling! Your Curly is not able to jump from the Curly Shuffle.

Will a new horse join your StarFam today? Will a new horse join your StarFam today?

Play Linda’s Showjumping Course!

Why not bring your new Curly over to Moorland Stables? You still have one week left to play the fun show jumping race in the Moorland Paddock! Talk to Soul Rider Linda Chanda to get started!


Seems like the Soul Riders are getting ready for a special experience… Prepare your horses, it’s time for the Light Ride!

See you soon!
Fluffy hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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