Halloween continues!

Halloween continues!

October 30, 2019

Hello StarFam! We’re entering the second and last week of the 2019 Halloween celebrations in Jorvik, and the festivities have now reached Silverglade Castle! First off though, a precious new friend awaits you at Galloper’s Keep...

All witches need a black cat!

At Galloper’s Keep, located on the same island as the magical horses, a ghost is selling a special cat. This tiny black feline is available until next Wednesday and will be yours for 350 Star Coins. While some see black cats as a bad omen, they’re hugely appreciated by witches (and any cat lover of course, duh!) and will make an excellent new family member.

Grab this lovely kitty at Galloper’s Keep! Grab this lovely kitty at Galloper’s Keep!

The Silverglade Castle Ghost Train

All aboard the ghost train! Enter Silverglade Castle and head into one of the rooms to take a ride on our traditional train ride.

To be able to try the ghost train you must be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you let Linda out of the Silverglade Castle.


Eve’s Pumpkin Hunt

At the cellar of Silverglade Castle, ghost lover Eve has set up camp. She’s good friends with the ghosts in the cellar, and around Halloween time they love to play with anyone who dares to venture there. Meet up with Eve to try this fun mini-game!

Talk to Eve to get started! Talk to Eve to get started!

Friendly reminder!

This is the last week of this year’s Halloween celebrations, and by next Wednesday’s update, you no longer have the chance to search for possessed pumpkins, soul shards or get the Halloween items, horses or pets. Make sure to check it all out while you still can!


It’s soon time for the worldwide release of our brand new Quick Shop! Stay tuned!

Happy Halloween, guys!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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