A purrfect pet!

A purrfect pet!

October 9, 2019

Hi, StarFam! Today’s update brings the best companion imaginable for all you crazy cat-people out there - a pet cat to join you on your Jorvik adventures!

Get your own kitty-cat!

Have you ever had a more purrfect friend than a cuddly cat? This little ball of fur is now ready to join you on any adventure you can imagine!

Three beautiful short-haired cats just arrived at the pet store Pet Shop Girls in Fort Pinta. These soft kitties all go for 350 Star Coins each and they can’t wait for you to come by and adopt them.

What are you going to name your new friend? The Great Catsby? Catnip Everdeen? What are you going to name your new friend? The Great Catsby? Catnip Everdeen?

In order to equip a pet, your horse must wear a saddle and a saddlebag. When you ride around Jorvik you can choose to have your new companion running by your side or have it sit in your saddlebag. Hey, a cat can fit in almost everything, even a tiny saddle bag! To move your cat from the saddlebag to the ground and back again, press “P” on your keyboard. Remember this also works for all other walking or flying pets on Jorvik!

Walking and flying pets include:
Walking squirrels
Walking Cats

If it fits, I sits! If it fits, I sits!

Meet Dory the cat!

Woah, where did that cat come from? Next time you come home to Jorvik, you just might find someone who’s gotten lost…

Return the lost cat to owner Josie to learn more about where to find cats!

Help Dory find her owner! Help Dory find her owner!

Animation tweak!

We’ve done some updates to our animation systems, which means that recurring animations for you, your horse and NPC’s won’t play several times in a row. This means you’ll have an easier time to catch all the pretty, idle animations of your favorite horses instead of it repeating the same animation a few times before doing something else while standing still.

FOV update!

The field of view, often abbreviated to FOV, is very important when you play games. Recently, a bug with our photo mode tool brought many of you great fun when you were suddenly able to manipulate the FOV however you liked. Since you enjoyed it so much we’ve now added a new option to the game settings, which some of you might have found already.

To find this setting, open the start menu by clicking ESC or the mobile phone in the lower right corner of the screen. Enter the settings and under Camera Sensitivity, you can change the field of view! Try out combining this feature with the camera distances to the player and the horse to find the experience which fits you the best.

Fun fact - other than bringing an interesting new perspective to your gaming experience, sometimes changes in FOV can reduce motion sickness in video games!

Now you can play the game from this view, if you like! Now you can play the game from this view, if you like!

Celebrate our birthday with us!

Last week we began our 8th birthday celebrations, and we’ll keep on partying until next Wednesday! Head over to the party area in Moorland to join in and don’t forget to use the redeem code CELEBR8ION to get YOUR birthday gift!

LAST WEEK with the Jorvik Wild Horses!

That’s right - after our next Wednesday update, Gary Goldtooth will pack up and leave with the nine Jorvik Wild Horses. Visit him in Firgrove before he says his goodbyes!


No horse on Jorvik has ever had a coat like the one arriving next week…

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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