Happy Birthday to Star Stable!

Happy Birthday to Star Stable!

October 2, 2019

Happy Birthday, StarFam! Have we really been going at it for 8 years already? It feels like we started just yesterday! We need to celebrate, so this update is (almost) all about the party!

This year we’re celebrating for TWO WEEKS, so join the party before Wednesday, October 16!

Our gift to you!

It’s actually our birthday, but of course we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! So we’re in a giving spirit and have put together a special gift basket for you to show our gratitude for your continuous love and support! You’ll get some super cool gifts if you use the redeem code CELEBR8ION before October 16!

With the redeem code you’ll get:
150 Star Coins
A beautiful masquerade mask
A new party hat as cute bridle decoration for your horse
A birthday flower bouquet for your saddle bag

There’s also another gift that you can share with a friend you want to bring along on your Jorvik adventures! The redeem code 8ISGREAT is available to all players who have never been Star Rider before and gives them 7 days of Star Rider for free. This code is only valid until October 9!

Our 8th Birthday party!

At the event area in Moorland you’re welcome to join us and celebrate Star Stable’s 8th birthday! Thalia and Mel have set up a stage for fun, theatrical play. You can eat cake or have a picnic with your friends and you can even send off some cool fireworks!

Join the party! Join the party!

Act on stage!

Now you can act out your favorite dramas or hilarious comedies on the Birthday stage! Just enter the stage and start acting!

Next to the stage you’ll find Mel, who brought along her cart of masquerade items for the occasion. While some of the items are usually for sale in Jarlaheim, others are exclusive to this celebration only - such as two awesome party hats for your horse!

Take a friend riding!

Evergray, Madison and Rania are all visiting the party, and they wouldn’t mind to join you for some fun around Jorvik. If you talk to any of them, they’ll jump up behind you on your horse and follow you on whatever shenanigans you can come up with! When you’re done showing them around the island, you can just drop them off where you picked them up.

Bring a friend on a ride - or an adventure! Bring a friend on a ride - or an adventure!

Golden horseshoes

If you talk to the Birthday girl at the party area she’ll send you on a fun hunt for golden horseshoes around Jorvik! If you find enough of them and return them to her, she’ll reward you with items from this year’s Birthday Set. You don’t want to miss out on these beautiful items!

You will be able to look for horseshoes in the following locations:
Fort Pinta

Talk to the Birthday girl and then look for golden horseshoes! Talk to the Birthday girl and then look for golden horseshoes!

DOUBLE XP in one daily race!

Every day until the end of the celebrations, you have the chance of riding a race track with one of your horses and earn DOUBLE the XP for doing it! The race board at the party area will tell you where the race of the day is located, and the only thing you need to do is to head to the correct location and talk to the Birthday girl to get started!

This is the person to find! This is the person to find!

New look around the world!

If you peek into the stables around Jorvik you’ll notice they’ve gotten quite the glow up!

Newly renovated! Newly renovated!

The color-changing horses!

Gary Goldtooth and the nine Jorvik Wild Horses are here for yet another two weeks! Don’t forget to visit them in Firgrove.



StarFam, thank you so much for these spectacular eight years! We’re hoping for many, many more with you!
Lots of love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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