A new way to train your horse!

A new way to train your horse!

September 11, 2019

Hello StarFam! Today marks the arrival of a requested daily task, as well as another opportunity to level up your horses!

The Druid Training is back!

When you’re getting to know the Keepers of Aideen better, you get to try out your riding skills with a druid instructor in a paddock by the Valedale mountains. Now you’ll be able to return there anytime you please to play your favorite tasks again - and you’ll gain XP for your horse every time! We’ve taken the opportunity to improve the looks of some of the tasks, so they’ll also look fancier than ever before.

Different tasks will be available on different days of the week, so check back to see when your favorite task is available!

The following tasks are available:
Dodge the flames
Don’t get caught
Precision riding
Obstacle carousel
Butterfly chase
Symbol chase
Change lane

To be able to play these daily tasks you must have reached the reputation level Popular with Keepers of Aideen: The Sun Circle and talked to Elizabeth again.

Re-do your favorite training sessions while leveling your horses! Re-do your favorite training sessions while leveling your horses!

Thanks, Reed and Tobbe!

Reed Kessler and Tobbe Larsson have been in Star Stable for a long time and now it’s time for both of them to leave Jorvik and head back home. Thanks for your time here, guys!


Wait a minute… Gary Goldtooth, is that you?!

Have a great week and we’ll see you soon!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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