More Gorgeous Andalusians!

More Gorgeous Andalusians!

September 4, 2019

Hey StarFam! Today marks the arrival of yet another three beautiful Andalusian horses to Jorvik!

New arrivals!

At the Silverglade Vineyard, you’ll now find three new, dazzling Andalusians for 950 Star Coins each - one perlino, one black, and one smoky black. To get them, you need to have reached at least level 5.

Don’t forget that the Andalusians master a special move known as the Spanish Walk! If you’re riding the Andalusian and you hit the spacebar while standing still, you’ll be treated to this beautiful movement!

Which one of these beauties is your favorite? Which one of these beauties is your favorite?

Jorvik Stables dressage arena

The lovely dressage arena at Jorvik Stables is open for yet another week along with the special shop where you can get baroque tack - perfect for your Andalusian horses!


The Druid Instructor by the Valedale mountain paddock has been really bored lately. Maybe we can solve that by making sure more people have a reason to visit…?

Have a fun week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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