A new look for the Harvest Counties!

A new look for the Harvest Counties!

August 28, 2019

Hello StarFam! Today marks the return of a hugely appreciated event as well as some updated looks for the Harvest Counties - and that includes Epona!

Updated looks!

The Harvest Counties and Epona have received some extra love and now look cooler than ever! Updated to the beautiful art style of Silverglade, Mistfall and Goldenhills Valley, these two areas now shine brighter than ever before and are waiting to be explored anew.

The Mirror Marshes is currently not updated, as we felt the need to spend some extra time updating that particular area. Don’t worry, of course, that area will get its glow up, too!

As with our latest terrain updates, we have not yet changed any buildings in these areas. We know you’re eagerly anticipating such an update to make the game look even more coherent, and don’t worry - they will get their new looks in due time!

Explore the updated Greendale! Explore the updated Greendale!

Epona has never looked better! Epona has never looked better!

The return of the dressage arena!

During the Jorvik Stables Open House, you guys overwhelmed us with your love for the dressage arena by the Jorvik Stables! Johanna has decided to bring it back for two weeks, and along with it, you’ll find the Open House Shop. If you missed the last Open House, here’s your perfect opportunity to get some baroque tack for your horses!

This time, the Open House quests are NOT available. Visit the cool arena before it leaves on September 11!

Welcome back to the dressage arena! Welcome back to the dressage arena!

Quest change in Fort Pinta

Since James now is the minister of tourism, he has way more important stuff to do each day than to keep track of stable chores and daily races (at least so he claims). He has now let go of those responsibilities and has handed them over to Sindra.

In order to be able to play the daily race in Fort Pinta from now on, you must have finished the quests where you meet Sindra and Mayor Peanut.

Hello there, Sindra! Hello there, Sindra!


We’re so happy you guys love our recent Andalusian horses! More are soon to come...

Have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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