The updated Andalusian

The updated Andalusian

August 14, 2019

Hi StarFam! We know many of you have anticipated this day - and so have we! We’re finally ready to release our Generation 3 Andalusian horse!

For more information about horse generations, click here!

The Horse of Kings!

The Pura Raza Española, more commonly known as the Andalusian, is a majestic horse with a long history. This royal baroque horse is often seen on the big screen and fills the dreams of many horse lovers across the globe.

The Andalusian - beautiful and graceful! The Andalusian - beautiful and graceful!

What's the new breed?
The updated Andalusian!

Where can I get it?
You can get one horse in Fort Pinta and two at the Silverglade Vineyard.

How much does it cost?
This horse is yours for the price of 950 Star Coins!

What level do I have to be?
You can get the Fort Pinta horse right away, but to get the other horses you must have reached level 5.

Do I need to crunch reputation?

What colors can I choose from?
A fiery chestnut, a fairytale grey and a gorgeous dappled grey!

Is there anything else I should know?
First off, this horse sports two unique mane styles - one with a long, flowy fairytale mane and one with a beautifully braided mane!
Also, this beauty knows the special move known as Spanish Walk. Hit spacebar while your Andalusian stands still to perform it!

The graceful Spanish Walk! The graceful Spanish Walk!

Saddle bag fix

After the quests where you help Emma get her own horse, you get a saddle bag as a reward. This bag is usually available to purchase during Easter season, so we’ve updated the bag you get in the quest and gave it a new look. If you really like the original bag, keep an eye out for it during next Easter season!


If you have seen the sneak peeks we’ve posted recently, you’ve probably been waiting for this! We’re coming for you, James!

Have a great week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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