A Purple Pony bonanza!

A Purple Pony bonanza!

August 7, 2019

Hello StarFam! We’ve got a few different things for you to check out this week - keep reading to find out more!

Mermaid Madness!

Rin at the Purple Pony in the Jorvik City Mall just got a new delivery of beautiful, mermaid inspired outfits, straight out of the popular Jorvegian stories about the Sirens of the Sunken Kingdom! Any cosplayer would freak out over these beautiful sets, which can be mixed and matched to make up your perfect mermaid style. Complete the look with awesome fin inspired decorations, and why not top it off with one of the cool Midsummer wreaths you just collected in the last few weeks?

Gorgeous mermaid inspired outfits! Gorgeous mermaid inspired outfits!

Additional items

Also available in the Purple Pony are now three additional decorations to complete the Canter Ella set - two feather decorations and a saddle bag! So, why wait? Get on your own personal Tintoretto and gallop into the sunset!

Complete the Canter Ella set! Complete the Canter Ella set!

Three new hairstyles!

The beauty salon in the Jorvik City Mall has made sure to offer three new hairstyles for all the mermaid cosplayers around (and anyone who just fancies some colorful hairdos!). Who can resist these beautiful colors?

Pink, blue or purple? Pink, blue or purple?

Fun times with Madison!

When you’re done exploring all the new things in Jorvik City, Madison is waiting for your arrival at South Hoof Peninsula! The wild horses want to race with you and Madison is coming along for the ride. Join in on this fun race, which is available this week only!

This race is available until next Wednesday only. To be able to participate you must have finished the quest where Madison meets the wild pony called Nightdust.

Play with Madison and the wild horses! Play with Madison and the wild horses!

The Summer Festival

Dance and hang out at the Summer Festival in Fort Pinta up until August 28!


Did anyone say “updated Andalusian”? Well, apparently we just did…

See you next week, StarFam!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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